People who play hip hop at obscene volumes are pretty much the worst

Today I was walking to my office building, and as luck would have it, my office building is located directly next to the entrance for a community college. I fear for my life whenever I cross that road because I can safely say that community college drivers are probably the worst drivers I have ever seen in my life. I’ve seen more people peal out of that entrance in my lifetime than I’ve seen people peel an actual banana.

That joke sounded better in my head.

But anyway, so as I was saying, I was walking to my office building. I’m waiting patiently on the sidewalk for traffic to subside, when I hear a loud thunderous disturbance, which took me a few moments to realize that this disturbance was actually music. Or rather, what attempts to be music.

This car, driven by some hoodlum, was blasting hip hop music as loud as humanly possible. His vehicle was clearly souped up with speakers that he probably acquired illegally, — because he is a hoodlum, after all — and even standing a good 30 feet away from him, the music was loud enough that I had to cover my ears.

This moment of time made me accumulate more hate than I think I have ever experienced. Think about the angriest you have ever been in your life. Now imagine that hatred consuming you for just a few fleeting seconds as someone who bears no consequence on your life comes strolling by. It was like a lightning bolt of hate.

However, just knowing that this person existed made my life a little worse this morning.

Firstly, if the music is that loud for me, an innocent bystander standing a couple dozen feet away, then how loud is it for him? In that car, it must be absolutely deafening. I don’t understand how the hoodlum could have possibly listened to his professor speak in his class, because his ear drums should have been throbbing.

Secondly, it just makes me mad, because I begin thinking in terms of what this person actually wants to accomplish by playing his music so loudly.

There’s no one in this world that could ever possibly admit that the louder that music is, the better is sounds. Okay, maybe if you’re at a dance club, drunk, tripping on ecstasy or god knows what, you can buy into the loud music. But that’s not because you actually enjoy the music more at such a louder volume, but because it adds to the whole drunken or psychedelic ambiance that you are currently experiencing. It’s a completely different thing altogether.

Just like how food has an ideal temperature in which it should be cooked, music has an ideal temperature in which it should be played. it should be loud enough so you, the listener, can hear it clearly, but low enough so that anyone who wishes to not listen to the music can easily ignore it. That is pretty much the rule of thumb.

Therefore, this hoodlum couldn’t have been enjoying the music at such a loud volume. There is no way that the loud noise actually brought him enjoyment, or made his shitty music sound even better.

Which can only mean that he is trying to send an outside message to the outside world. What that message was, I don’t know. Maybe he was trying to show off the type of music he was listening to? Or perhaps he was trying to inform the world that he is, in fact, a “bad ass” who doesn’t adhere to cultural mores? It’s really the only explanation, because you clearly would not play your music so loudly if you were not desperately craving attention.

The worst part about all of it is the type of music he played. I mean, even if the guy played the Beatles or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I still would have been pissed off by it, but not as much. But the fact that he was playing some crappy, unintelligible drivel of a hip hop song pretty much solidified him as the worst human being to walk this earth.

I’m not even kidding when I say that, when I witnessed this individual, I had to stare at him before he drove out of sight. I needed to hone all of my attention towards hating this guy, and I couldn’t possibly accomplish anything else until I knew he was out of gone.

Sure, I went about my day, did my job and went home; but just knowing that this person still existed in this world, and knowing that he probably played his music just as loudly on his drive home, is enough knowledge to help me lose a little bit more faith in humanity.

For the high-schoolers out there, don’t ever strive to attend community college. Not because they don’t provide you with fine academic opportunities to help jumpstart your life, but because there’s even a remote possibility that you will encounter hoodlums who not only have awful musical taste, but don’t know how to properly control their musical volume.

2 thoughts on “People who play hip hop at obscene volumes are pretty much the worst

  1. i must admit, i blare loud hip-hop and rap music. i also blare loud music of every other genre. i don’t really consider myself to be a hoodlum. i consider myself to be a hardworking individual who blasts music because it makes me happy. yes, it really does sound better that way. on my way to one of my two jobs or school, just to blare some good beats just helps keep me going, and keeps a smile on my face all day.

    and yes, i did strive to go to community college. that’s why i’m a year away from graduating with zero debt 🙂

    despite my disagreements, i must say i do find your blog kinda interesting. will keep reading.

  2. Thank you for your offering your insight on this subject, it is appreciated. And welcome aboard, I hope we disagree more in the future *evil face icon that I don’t know how to make because I only know how to make a smiley face but I never use those*

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