Tebowmania to New York?

At around noon this afternoon, the Jets had reportedly pulled off a trade to acquire Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. Several hours later, apparently the Jets didn’t read the fine print in Tebow’s contract and the deal has hit a stag.

As a Jets fan, I’m all for this move if it goes down. I’m going to put aside all of the football logistics and talk about why Tim Tebow in New York is awesome.

For one, as someone who works in the media, and who understands exactly how the media hype machine works, I think Tim Tebow, in the peak of his fame and glory, coming to New York would be an absolutely one-of-a-kind experience. New York is already the center of the sports universe, and as everyone saw with Jeremy Lin, when something big happens here, it really happens big.

Tim Tebow is almost a god. I’m not even saying that as a joke. People legitimately worship him. He has fans across the planet who admire him for his principles, attitude and his faith. They truly consider him as a leader of Christianity.

So if my football team has an actual opportunity to acquire a god, then I don’t see how you could pass up on the opportunity.

But the media scrutiny alone that Tim Tebow would bring makes this trade totally worth it. Every play during a Jets game, the announcers would be talking about Tim Tebow. And I think that is awesome. It would be a spectacle like no other.

Also, let’s return to the religious aspect. I mentioned Jeremy Lin earlier. Anyone who has been following Lin knows that he is also very religious. He is not as publicly outward about it as Tim Tebow. He doesn’t kneel at center court praying, but he often thanks God during post-game interviews, and he and teammate Landry Fields even have a handshake that mimics the two of them reading from the bible.

So Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin —  two athletes who have reached legendary status and have transcended sports in the past 12 months — playing in the same city? New York would essentially become the new Rome. The Empire State Building would become the Vatican.

I know most sports fans say that they love it when their team “flies under the radar,” but screw that. I want my team to be the talk of the nation. I want my team to be the first highlight on Sportscenter every night. And also the second and the third. So bringing in Tim Tebow only helps with that cause. But of course, foremost, I want my teams to succeed, and I truly think that adding Tebow, and incorporating his athleticism into the mix, would only help that.

And believe it or not, I myself may even join the church of Tebow.

Alright, today’s going to be one of those days where I radically switch gears without attempting much of a segue.

This whole Trayvon Martin situation that is going on in Florida. You all should know the story by now. A 17-year-old black kid, while carrying Skittles and a can of iced tea, was shot dead by some 28-year-old dude because he felt “threatened” by Trayvon for some reason.

Obviously anyone can hear the story and know that it is one of the most unfair, monstrous things you have ever heard. But the worst part is that it has been about ten days, and the 28-year-old dude, named George Zimmerman, has yet to be arrested.

The whole situation has brought to light one of the dumbest laws I have ever heard: The Stand Your Ground Law. In Florida, as well as about 30 other states who have this law implemented in some shape or form, you can use deadly force to defend yourself if you feel threatened. And that’s pretty much the law. It’s that ambiguous.

So, essentially, it means that you can kill practically anybody, and as long as you defend yourself in law by saying that you “felt threatened” at the time, it is justifiable. Even if your “opponent” was unarmed, and only carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea.

The fact that a law like this exists is shameful, and is a disgrace to our legal system. Thankfully, New York does not have this law implemented. The crazy thing is that this law has actually existed since the very late 1800s. Like all shitty things, it takes some extreme case, like the death of Trayvon Martin, to expose bullshit laws like this.

Although I guess if you throw a Skittle with just the right amount of velocity into someone’s gullet, then perhaps it can cause enough force to halt somebody’s breathing. So maybe Skittles can be defined as a deadly weapon. George Zimmerman is innocent!

It’s times like this when we need someone — someone who is good-hearted, has proper values, is religious and has enough of a cult following to start a media frenzy — to step in and become an advocate for justice. If only somebody in the world like that existed…

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