The ultimate “would you hit it?”

There is probably no more humorous phrase in the masculine vocabulary than “would you hit it?”

This question usually comes to light when a group of guys are sitting around, having some beers, and discussing which girls they would and wouldn’t have sex with. Meanwhile, they probably have a .002% chance of actually having sex with whatever girl’s name actually comes up — regardless of whether they say they would “hit it” or not.

When playing this game, you will suddenly see every guy elevate their standards to the point where they only bang supermodels. Whether you actually are good-looking, or a fat slob, you will hear people saying “I would not hit it” to attractive girls who they have zero chance with in the first place.

The funniest part is when you play the game while naming actual celebrities. Yeah, I’m sure that if somebody who is actually legitimately famous approached you and said, “have sex with me,” that you would actually contemplate saying no.

Most guys will say that they will only get with girls who are at least a 7/10 on the hotness scale, but in reality, any guy would willingly take a 5/10… while drunk. Maybe even a 4.

But that all being said, I will now present to you the ultimate case of “would you hit it?”

This girl. Would you hit it?

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “has he gone insane? That girl has an absolutely slamming body. I can’t see the face up close, but it looks fine enough, especially with that body! Anybody would be lucky to sleep with that girl!”

Alright, fair enough. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But wait, there’s a catch.

Wait for it…


The Miss Universe Canada organizers concede Jenna Talackova is a “real girl,” but that doesn’t mean they will let her in their beauty pageant.

Talackova, a native of Vancouver, will not be competing in this year’s Miss Universe Canada pageant because she was born a male.

See the full article here.

So yes, he/she does indeed have a very fit body. No doubt about it. But let’s take a closer look at the face, shall we?

little more manlier now, no?

I mean you have to give her credit. She’s by far the best looking transgender woman I’ve ever seen. Had I not known that she was originally a man, I would have simply just coined her a butterface.

But now let’s revisit the original question: Would you hit it?

For all intents and purposes, she is a female. According to the article, she began hormone therapy at age 14, and surgically changed her gender at age 19. So there is no trace of a penis.

If you had sex with her, you could tell your friends, “I had sex with a girl last night,” and you wouldn’t be lying.

But deep down, no matter how deep you keep it within the confines of your soul, you will know, that she was once a man. At one point in her life, a penis did indeed exist.

Let’s not all be insecure here, though. She is hot. That is universal truth. Shit, the fact that she was even in competition to qualify for the MISS UNIVERSE pageant is confirmation of that.

But, she still was once a dude. And that will never not be true.

So now that you know all of the information, let’s revisit the original question for a third time. Forget sitting around with your friends while drinking beers and discussing hypotheticals. Because in that situation, of course you would say ‘no’ when posed with the question. If you said ‘yes’ to having sex with a transgender to your friends, regardless of how good she looks following the reconstructive surgery, then you would be mocked and ridiculed endlessly by them for the remainder of your existence.

I want you to picture this scene: You’re in Canada, for some reason, — let’s say on business — sitting alone at the hotel bar. You’re staying alone in a room. You’re getting progressively drunker, and feeling more alone by the minute. In fact, you don’t even know another soul who is in the entire country.

Suddenly, a woman sits down at the opposite end of the bar. Having read my blog, you instantly recognize her as Jenna Talackova, the Canadian transgendered woman who was considered for the freaking MISS UNIVERSE pageant.

Since you’re not a jerk, you find no qualms with striking up conversations with her. After a little while, you realize she is actually pretty cool and pretty funny. You talk more and more, all the while becoming drunker and drunker. Next thing you know, she “grazes” your arm. She holds eye contact longer.

And then, at 1 a.m., when you’re both three sheets to the wind, she looks at you and says, “Do you want to come back to my room?”

Would you hit it?

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