I hate when people say they can’t afford things when they obviously can

Everyone knows the economy sucks. Not everyone knows exactly why or how it sucks, or how exactly it is affecting them. But they do, in fact, know that it sucks.

If you’re in the middle or upper middle class, and have a college education and are particularly skilled in your craft, the economy won’t necessarily affect you as much, but it will still inevitably affect you.

As far as paying for rent, groceries and school loans on your minimal salary while working at your entry-level job straight out of college — don’t blame the economy for that. That’s just called being in your mid-to-late twenties and entering the working field. Everybody, with the exception of boneheaded heiresses like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, has had that exact problem regardless of the time period. Especially in a major city.

The primary way the economy affects the middle class is through a trickle-down effect. Companies who are directly affected have to cut positions and go into a hiring freeze. Thus, there are less positions available. As long as you have the credentials and the determination, you can still easily find a job. It will just be a bit more difficult.

But when you do find a job, you’re still going to be making good money.

And, please, don’t whine about how your $25,000 per year salary is not enough. People used to work manual labor just to make enough money to buy a slice of bread at the end of the week.

On a $25,000 yearly salary, even if it’s before taxes, you can still afford to live pretty luxuriously. You can find a place to live if need be, can pay for your furniture and groceries, can afford an iPad and a laptop, and can still go out socially on weekends. You just have to do all that over a little bit of a lengthy time span, and not in one week.

So when I hear somebody talk about how they “can’t afford anything,” when I know for a fact that they have a stable job and already own a computer and a car, then it annoys me. And it’s not even that, but it is actually an insult to the millions of people in this world who genuinely can’t afford anything.

I understand that people like to complain about their own lives, and their financial situation is among one of those things, but you’re telling me you can’t afford something that costs $20? I mean, I understand that you don’t want to start a trend, or set a precedent, where you are continually spending $20 on things that you don’t need.

However, that is not what people say. If someone tells me that they are trying to be conservative with their finances, then I totally understand that, and respect their situation. That makes perfect sense.

But when they say, “I can’t afford anything!” Well, that’s just a flat-out lie and dishonest. In actuality, you can afford a lot of things.

And you know what’s even worse? When these same people say that “they are poor.” Really, you’re poor? You get a bi-weekly paycheck upwards of $1,000, and you’re poor? I often venture westward towards New York City, and I see people hunched over in the corners of Subway platforms with a bucket in front of them. Those people are poor.

Again, I know the economy has been in the shitter for the last handful of years, but let’s not forget our place. People were poor before the economic collapse, and people are still poor after it. If you fall under the category of someone who has a job, a car, a laptop and more than two pairs of shoes, then you are not poor, and any indications otherwise are spurious.

But, if one day in the future, I ever see anybody I know sitting in one of those New York City subway platforms and begging for money, then I will gladly and apologetically rescind my words, and maybe I’ll even throw you a buck or two.

Whatever I can do to help.

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