Holy smokes… Taylor Swift collaborated on a rap song

I need to make it known how seldom I actually use the term “holy smokes.” In fact, this may even be the first time. And even if it isn’t, I can definitely confirm that this usage of the term “holy smokes” is certainly the first time on record. But I digress.

So as you all know, I have a deep affinity for Taylor Swift. I have the utmost respect for her as a musician, and I become extremely happy when her talent is recognized and she receives awards. Which happens often.

She is probably the most humble artist that exists in the world today, and truly adores her fans, and has never once set a bad example for her followers. She’s so good-natured that the only things people can find to criticize about her is the fact that she’s very open about her personal life, and that she does a “shocked face” whenever she does win an award. What scandals!

Anyway, her music is so popular because it crosses genres. She has a country twang, but also a poppy sound, a bit of an acoustic vibe, sort of folksy, and even a tint of R & B.

But something you’d never, ever, EVER, find in a Taylor Swift song is… rap.

Until now.

Since Taylor’s voice is so recognizable, so melodic and so pleasant-sounding, it makes you wonder why no rapper has ever approached her before this and asked her to collaborate. Additionally, she writes her own material, so you wouldn’t even have to have it written out already for her.

However, as a true artist, you wonder if Taylor would have preferred to eschew her brand of music from the rap genre. Or maybe she was just waiting for the right artist to come along.

Although I never listen to rap, there’s some songs that I can tolerate. All this “gangster rap,” by Lil’ Wayne, Drake, 50 Cent and Kanye West is absolute and utter garbage. It’s not music. Although, to be fair, not all of Drake’s raps are gangsterish.

Whereas with true rap artists, like Eminem, the late 2pac, or even Dr. Dre or Jay-Z, they’re rhymes are like poetry. They actually sound pleasant. That I can more than tolerate.

But what I like best is poppy rap. Eminem falls into that category sometimes. So Does Nelly. And so does B.o.B.

Looking back at B.O.B’s latest album, “Airplanes” was a great song, “Nothing on You” was a great song, and “Magic” was a great song. What did all of those have in common? They all featured collaborators. Hayley Williams, Bruno Mars and Rivers Cuomo, respectively,  all sung the catchy hook in those songs, and that is what made them so likable. Therefore, if Taylor Swift had to work with any rap artist, I can’t think of a better choice than B.o.B, also known as Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.

The song starts out with Taylor doing her sing, singing about how she wishes she was an emotionally stronger person, and then B.o.B. comes in and rips it with a monster beat in the background.

When you combine the success that B.o.B experienced with his prior album and the massive popularity of Taylor Swift, I can’t imagine that sing will become anything but a monster hit. I fully expect it to hit #1 on the Billboard charts by no later than the middle of May.

Might some of Taylor Swift’s fans become upset that she broadened her horizons and strayed away from her typical genre? I don’t think so. Like a true artist, she has a songwriting credit for the song, and her part sounds like anything else she sings. Plus she clearly wouldn’t have done it unless it was the right song.

If anything, I think people will only liker her more, for bringing more musical art into this world.

Taylor, you’ve done it again. By golly you’ve done it.

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