The Avengers hasn’t come out yet and I’m already sick of it

As a film enthusiast, my favorite movie months of the year are November and December. Those are the months that film studios strategically choose to release their potential award-winning films during, so that they are fresh in the minds of the academy come Oscar season.

Consequently, the best films usually tend to come out towards the end of the year. And its all in a one or two month span, which is what makes it great.

Conversely, film studios strategically release their big blockbuster moneymaking films during the summer months. The thought process is that more people are inclined to visit their local theater during nicer weather. Hence, there’s more money to be made during May, June, July and August than any other months of the year.

And that is when, on a weekly basis, we are exposed to the most unoriginal films Hollywood has to offer. Between book adaptations, comic book adaptations, sequels and remakes, one can easily think that a new law was passed banning original screenplays.

This year, we have two mega blockbusters, both of which are adapted from comic books. Those films are The Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises. But The Avengers just happens to come out tomorrow, so I am going to focus on that.

As most of you know, The Avengers is an incorporation of many superheroes, and thus, it’s adaptation is an accumulation of many big A-list actors. It’s basically the blockbuster to end all blockbusters.

And honestly, ever since I discovered that Joss Whedon was taking directorial control of this project, I had full confidence that the movie was going to be quality. Whedon is the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and even helped write Toy Story. Everything the guy has done has been successful. So I don’t doubt that the movie is good.

But people, seriously, shut up about it. The worst is that no one has even seen it yet. But people are already discussing this movie like it’s hand-in-hand with The Godfather or The Shawshank Redemption.

It’s a comic book movie. That automatically disqualifies it from being listed among all-times greats as the aforementioned two above, among others.

And yet, I’ve heard people talking about the reviews, the trailers, and I’ve heard people discuss when they are going to see it. People are actually sharing with me both the theater and the time in which they intend to see it. Why, ever, in a million years, would I care about that? What effect does it have on my life to know that you plan on seeing a Sunday matinée showing of The Avengers?

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until after the opening weekend. I fully expect at least five people to tell me that it is “the best movie they’ve seen.” I won’t have seen it by then, and thus won’t legitimately be able to discredit that notion, but I still will. Oh you bet I will. I’ll close my eyes, look down, shake my head, and promptly respond, “No. No it wasn’t. It’s a comic book movie.”

And if you think people overreact incredibly when it comes to new movies, just imagine how bad they will be when it comes to new movies with enormous hype. Heck, the movie already has a rating of 8.8 on IMDB with 65,000+ votes. At least half of those people are probably fan boys who gave the film a ’10’ before even seeing it, but still, it’s impressive.

The worst part about this movie is that it’s going to be so relevant for the foreseeable future, that you almost have to see it just so you can finally be in the loop during conversations. Because people probably will not be discussing much else.

Let’s not also forget what may be the worst aspect about all of this — the Facebook statuses. For every person who says aloud how good this movie was, I expect five more people on Facebook to do the same, but in a much more annoying way. I expect statuses like:

“Avengers. Oh. My. God.”

“Avengers… SICK.”

“Holy crap… Avengers was the best movie I’ve ever seen!”

And after one of those statuses, a friend will reply, “what is really that good?” and the original poster will say, “Dude, you have NO idea.” And the friend will comment, “Damn, I need to go see this now!” And then the original poster will “like” that comment. It’s sickening me just thinking about it.

In conclusion, I already have an irrational hatred for this movie before it has even been released. Eventually, I will see it, and I’m sure I will enjoy it. But until then, I am not only going to hate this movie, but I will hate everyone who talks about with very deep fervor.

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