I have no problem with fat people, but fat families annoy the shit out of me.

One thing you realize when you are out and about in the world is how many people who are overweight. And I don’t just mean overweight — I mean borderline obese.

If you are in decent shape, then that most likely means that your friends are likewise probably in decent shape. This is because we tend to hang out with people who have the same interests, and that might include working out or playing sports. Think about how many best friends you know where one of them is extremely skinny and one of them is extremely fat.

That might be what sitcoms are made of — but it doesn’t occur very often in the real world.

So when you go somewhere that holds a large mass of people, it may become surprising how many fat people you run into. Maybe it’s the mall, or the movies, or a restaurant.

And, you know, if I see a fat person, I will probably glance at them and think subconsciously, “Oh, that person is fat,” and then I will forget about them two seconds later and never think about them again. It’s the same thing as looking at a hot girl and thinking, “Damn, that girl is fine,” and then forgetting about her once she continues on her way and walks out of your life. We will always make very general, stereotypical observations about others with a glance. Its basic human nature.

But I genuinely have no problem with fat people. In fact, I used to be very chubby myself for a couple of years when I was a freshman in college. So I understand how it can happen. If I hate a fat person, it’s because they are annoying or mean, and not because they are fat. Everyone is free to live the way they want, and who am I to judge?

That being said, today, I walked into a Moes Southwest Grill to grab some dinner. If you think fat people abound when you visit a public setting, then just imagine how many are prevalent when you enter a fast food restaurant.

I was already in an irritable mood because I was running late, and I wanted to get home quickly, and of course, there was a lengthy line at the Moes. So, as any good samaritan would, I killed my time by observing other people in the restaurant. My eyes immediately fell on a family of three sitting nearest to me, and all three of them were fat as hell.

The family consisted of a mom, a dad and a daughter. Actually, the dad was the only one who might simply qualify as “overweight,” while the mom and daughter unquestionably were grossly overweight bordering on obese. I’m sorry to say it, but I became disgusted. The evidence of their gluttony could not have been more visible, as they chowed down on massive burritos, layered with queso and sour cream and all other condiments that made me want to vomit.

What peeves me most are the parents. First off, for allowing themselves to become so overweight in their elderly and vulnerable age, and secondly by setting a terrible example for their daughter. Clearly they are the biggest enablers for her fatness. How is that okay?

I seriously wanted to walk over them and say, “Hey, you guys should probably drop the burritos, and try going to a gym.”

And to top it off, the father, having finished his bowl of chips, walked over to the salsa bar and filled the ENTIRE bowl with salsa. I have been to Moes possibly 75 times in my life, and I have never once seen this occur. I’ve seen people fill up several small cups with salsa, but never A WHOLE ENTIRE BOWL. My jaw literally dropped and my anger increased tenfold. That family embodies everything that is wrong with this country.

It’s not that freaking hard to not be obese. It’s undoubtedly very difficult to acquire six-pack abs, and it’s hard to maintain good shape. But to just not be obese, all you have to do is try walking every now and then, and by not eating shitty food during every moment of the day. And yet, so many people are incapable of doing that and it baffles my mind.

When I see an entire family of obese people, it just makes me wonder how it went so wrong. How could all of you be so nearsighted towards your own personal health?

If I ever have kids, I will certainly never force them to work out, but I will make sure that I properly educate them as to the importance of maintaining good physical shape. Not only does it do wonders physically, but for your mental and emotional state. Going outside and going for a brisk mile-long jog is one of the best remedies in life.

Again, if you enjoy eating so much that you don’t really care about your physical appearance, then go for it. If you’re happy, then I’m happy. But if, by doing so, you enable your significant others, siblings, and even worse, your children, to follow suit, then you are basically killing them. You might as well be a murderer.

The worst part about all of this? That bowl full of salsa will haunt my dreams for years to come.

Save me lord.

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