It’s June already.

I know this isn’t even my first post in June, and I know that it is extremely unoriginal and cliché to say things like, “Wow, its already June! This year is flying by!”

But, wow, it’s already June. This year is flying by.

Since I became a working man and have held down a job consistently for nearly two years now, time seems to move on one single linear plane. Sometimes I go a full 24-hour period not only unaware of what the date is, but sometimes I don’t even know what the month is. Because does it really matter? Every day I’m expected to do the same exact thing. There’s no breaks, no extended holiday vacations and no tests.

The only reason that I even know that time is in fact happening is by looking at the weather. As I write, it is ugly out, but obviously even someone as oblivious as myself has realized that the weather is warming up significantly. That must mean it is near summertime.

I can’t imagine what somebody in my exact situation who lives in Florida would have to add to this discussion.

In college you live by semesters, exams and summer and winter breaks. Those are the things you look ahead to as a significant point in your life to prepare for. Now, there is nothing. It’s really neither a good thing or a bad thing. It definitely translates to very little stress, that’s for sure.

I also wonder if I think this every June of every year. Once you reach that midway point, don’t we always say, “Holy crap! Where did this year go!” I don’t know, it just feels like it has happened quicker this year than usual. Although, obviously, that’s physically impossible considering it’s been the same amount of time as it has been every year since they invented calendars. In fact, this year was even a leap year, so it actually took longer than usual.

When the middle of the year comes around, it prompts you to think about how your year has gone so far. For me, it’s been mostly uneventful — until recently — but nothing overly significant or life changing has occurred thus far.

And then when you think in terms of news, you come to realize that 2012 has been pretty dull.

That was, until I read the story about the gay Canadian cannibal porn star.

Magnotta is accused of videotaping the slaughter of his 33-year-old lover, Lin Jun, while a song from “American Psycho” played in the background on May 24 or 25.

In the gruesome, 11-minute video that Magnotta posted online, he allegedly stabbed Lin with an ice pick while the victim lay naked and tied up.

Magnotta then allegedly reveals that he has slashed the man’s throat before dismembering and defiling the corpse.

It remains unclear why Magnotta allegedly turned on his boyfriend, but police said that whatever he didn’t eat he mailed to Canadian politicians.

What am I supposed to even say? “Oh man, this guy is a sicko! How do people like this even exist?”

The story pretty much speaks for itself. What’s more interesting for me was to actually look the guy up on YouTube (his full name is Luka Magnotta for those too lazy to click the link) and watch some interviews he’s conducted that were uploaded.

Just knowing what this guy did, and know who he really is, it’s fascinating to watch his demeanor. It’s pretty easy to tell that the guy has no distinct facial emotions and an extremely monotone voice, which are clear definitions of a sociopath. And everyone knows that there is nothing more dangerous than somebody who lacks emotion. I’m just shocked that he freely posted the video footage of his heinous deed online. That seems pretty stupid. But then again I never suspected porn stars as being the sharpest tools in the shed. Not mentally, at least.

*Shiver* okay, moving on.

One other interesting tidbit I wanted to point out today is that I checked the Billboard charts earlier today, and noticed that Phillip Phillips’ single, “Home,” debuted at number ten this week. That’s a pretty great accomplishment for somebody releasing their first single ever.

Yeah, he was the American Idol winner, but he happens to be the exact type of musician who I usually seek out on my own. If you like acoustic, folksy, singer-songwriter type music, then that is what you are getting. If you enjoy Mumford and Sons, then you will like Phillip Phillips’ new single. I highly recommend that you give it a listen.

But yeah, I’m one of those assholes who commented about how quickly this year is moving. What have I become.

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