How to stare at girls without being obvious.

A friend of mine once told me that one of his primary pick-up moves for when he spots hot girls is to simply stare at her. He’ll look directly into their eyes, even from afar, and won’t turn away until she reacts. He said it works more often than you think.

But I don’t care what the statistics are. It’s something you’ll never see me do because it is not the type of person I am. I like to think of myself as friendly and outgoing, but when I spot a hot girl, I become a deer. I turn and run as if I am running for my life. Maybe I even get hit by a car.

Of course, before that, I’ll casually glance in her direction every fourteen seconds and hope that she doesn’t notice. But whatever happens, I assure you that I will do everything except actually speak to her.

As a warm-blooded heterosexual male — although there is absolutely nothing wrong if you swing the other way, I’m cool with it — it is virtually impossible for us to not look at any female and not make some type of physical judgment in our head. Without realizing it, we mentally conclude how hot we find every girl we see before they depart from our line of vision. That is a guarantee. And that is in any and all contexts.

However, unlike my friend’s strategy, you can’t just stare at them like a pathetic loser for minutes on end. Looking at girls from afar is a subtle art. There are various techniques and strategies that take years to hone. Everybody has their own methods, and some undoubtedly work better than others.

But, whatever strategy you use, the key is to be as unobtrusive as possible. You don’t want this girl to have any idea whatsoever that you are staring at her. If this happens, then not only have you succeeded, but you’ve also received a solid dose of eye candy.

But how do you do it? Well, as I said, there are many schools of thought on this conquest, but allow me to share what I think are some of the sure-proof ways to stare at hot girls and not make it look obvious.

Use your peripherals.

I think it was Stiffler (or Seann William Scott, to use his real name) in the movie Role Models who enlightened the world with this strategy.

Since it is really creepy to just stare directly at the girl and check her out, what you do is you focus on an object that is very near to her. You make it seem like you staring intently at it, lost in thought, but you’re really focusing your eyeballs towards the girl. That way, it’s pretty hard to notice from a distance.

It takes some practice, and it won’t give you a full-on view, but it’s one way to go about it.


Well, duh. This is almost like cheating.

If you are wearing sunglasses — and you spent more than $20 bucks on them — then they will effectively shield your eyes from view. With the glasses on, you are free to sit or stand wherever you like, and look wherever you please, for however long you please. Some girls can see you and think that you might be checking them out, but they will never know for sure.

So in the summertime, pick up some nice Aviators, sit on a park bench and stare away. This is how I used to spend my days in Binghamton between classes when I was in college. On the rare days when it was sunny, at least.

The quick turn.

This strategy tends to be practical when a hot girl is approaching as she walks in the opposite direction. Think like you’re at the mall.

As you near her, you turn your head towards her, get a full-on glance for a quick fraction of a second, and then turn away as if your intention was to look somewhere else all along. It only serves to give you a quick glance, but if you’re quick about it, you can certainly get a full scan in before you turn your head away.

It’s only for desperate situations.

Look at where she’ll be in a few moments.

This is another effective strategy that was brought to life via a movie, but this time it was Hall Pass. Which isn’t really worth seeing.

But anyway, the strategy involves you looking not at the girl, but straight ahead in the trajectory that she is going to be walking towards. This way, you don’t look like a creeper; she’s the one who walked into your line of vision. It’s absolutely ingenious and it works like a charm.

It does take a few quick mental calculations to deduce the rate of speed/direction of her walk, but it’s simple enough and you certainly do not need to be Rain Man to do it.

The “Oh, I’m just noticing you now” glance.

This might be my personal favorite. It’s similar to the “quick glance,” but I think it works even better. It’s my own personal concoction and I’ve never heard any one else mention it before.

It’s the same context as when a girl is approaching you from the opposite direction. First, you spot the girl from afar, and notice that she has potential.

But as you near her, you turn your had away. “Turn your head away? But Mr. Weinblog, I thought you’re supposed to be looking at the girl?”

Well… nobody in particular, just wait. The reason you turn your head and look elsewhere is because you want to make it seem like you haven’t even noticed the girl yet. You’re staring away from her, and your attention is occupied by something else. AND THEN, as you become as close to the girl as possible, when she is a mere few feet in front of you, you turn your head and look directly at her, as if you are just acknowledging her existence for the first time. In this case, you want her to notice you looking away in the beginning.

Yeah I know I said that you want to be unobtrusive. But this isn’t creepy; its human nature. We look at one another as we pass each other by. So as long as you’re looking away, she’ll notice that, and then she’ll think you just happened to regain your focus as you look ahead, and just spot her since she is so close to you. In this instance, it’s even acceptable to make eye contact. Perhaps even smile at her. Who knows, maybe you’ll leave a good impression. Try it.

And those are really all of the strategies that I can think of. Of course, in all these instances, all it leads to is one fleeting glance, and nothing more. There are no happy endings, no grand illusions of the two of you sharing the same piece of spaghetti during a candlelight dinner in Vienna, but hey, at least you get to look at her!

Oh, and of course there’s one more strategy — simply turn and follow her for several minutes. But this is as creepy as it gets, and my whole point was to avoid doing such.

But hey, whose judging?

One thought on “How to stare at girls without being obvious.

  1. Zat is wat my friends (guy friends)dooooo all thee frekin timmme

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