This picture should be posted on every lamppost in the world

Normally I am not a fan of Facebook photos that other people “share” to others. I just don’t enjoy it when media is force fed down my throat. If I want to seek out what’s popular right now, then I’ll check twitter, maybe even head over to Reddit (which I sort of am beginning to understand now), and see what the latest memes and hot items are.

But when I see that four different people both shared the same photo, then it just instantly annoys me. I don’t even care what the photo is. And usually they’re stupid anyway.

The very worst is when someone posts one of those “e-cards” that has some witty phrase with some stupid photograph along with it. I used to think those were funny, but now every time I see one I want to throw my laptop across the room.

If you see something you like, enjoy it solely. Maybe email it to a friend. You do not need to share it with everybody.

But then, today, a Facebook friend posted an image. The moment my eyes caught sight of the photograph, every piece of anger I’ve ever felt suddenly faded into oblivion. Any stress, worries or fears that may have been layered deep within my subconscious manifested itself into one giant ball of nothing. All ill-fated memories at the forefront of my brain were replaced by blissful ones, and all malicious ruminations meandering through my cerebral cortex vanished like dust in the wind.

The picture I was witnessing was so cute, so adorable and so lovable that I couldn’t possibly think of anything but happy thoughts. For a moment I forgot about all poverty, war, crime, corruption, violence, Rebecca Black, inequality and injustice that exists in the world.

In the moment that light reflected off the image from my computer screen, and traveled through my iris, cornea and retinas and informed my brain what I was looking at, everything in the world was beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you a photo of a 3-day-old baby dear and a 3-week-old bobcat… cuddling.


This, without a shadow of a doubt, is the most adorable picture that I have ever seen.

The context of this picture is that there were recent fires in Santa Barbara, California, and the two animals were rescued. The bobcat kitten was dehydrated and near death. Normally wild animals — particularly of different species — are kept distances apart, but due to the emergency situation there was no choice. The kitten immediately ran to the fawn, and they immediately bonded and snuggled for several hours.

Okay, I gotta do it. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. There.

I’m convinced that if this picture was posted in public places all over the world, then no bad deed would ever be committed. How can you rob a store, or shoot somebody, or commit suicide, when you are within direct sight of this photo? It’s just not possible.

I mean, just look at what this is. These are two animals of a different species, who normally represent predator and prey, cuddling with one another.

Humans eat each other’s faces off. Animals cuddle. Which are better?

I’d like to think that this friendship will last forever. That the two animals will continue loving each other, will sing songs and play together in meadows, and then will return to their respective breeds and inform them how just because other animals are different, doesn’t mean that they are not wonderful.

But we all know that if these two animals were to stay together for an extended period of time, one would probably kill the other. But let’s just ignore that and focus on the cuddliness!

If that photo isn’t the best way to start a weekend, then I don’t know what it is.

So people, just remember, when you are in the darkest of situations, and when you feel like all hope is lost and you have no where to turn, try — try with all of your heart — to remember the bobcat and the deer.

It will save your life.

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