Monday motivation

Hello all. I decided to use yesterday as one of my once-a-month “mental health blog-free” Sundays. In other words, I was hung over.

But it was a well deserved hangover. I attended a concert in ye olde city of York on Saturday night with three friends. Normally when I see a show I end up seeing a band that most people don’t listen to. But this time I saw a band that has been tearing up the charts for months now.

If you can’t read the inside of his shirt, it says “Fun.”

You all know their monster hit “We are Young,” which, side note, while a fun song — is actually about domestic violence if you listen to the lyrics. But that’s for another day.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s an incredibly catchy song, and I like it. But most people are unaware that Fun. now have put out two very solid albums, and had good songs well before “We are Young.” Anyway, the band put on an absolutely amazing and entertaining show. It was enjoyable. It was merry. It was pleasant. It was lively. It was emphatic. It was energetic. It was jubilant. It was every adjective that conveys that a good time was had.

Alright, fine. It was fun. God dammit.

Oh and one more side note before I jump into today’s topic. I discovered that apparently if you invite President Obama and his wife Michelle to your wedding, they won’t actually come (obviously), but you will receive a special RSVP card congratulating you on your matrimony. It’s the stuff that wedding albums are made of.

I found this article, which explains how the White House gets thousands of invitations a year, and then this article explains how to go about inviting the Obamas to your special day.

Upon sharing this, I think every married person just let out a collective disappointed groan knowing that they missed out big time. Don’t worry, you can always get divorced!

Okay, so, today is Monday. Most people enjoy feeling miserable on Mondays, and try to bring everyone else down with them. Personally, while I dislike Mondays as much as the next guy, I try to remain optimistic. In just four days it will be Friday again.

But recently, I started following Dakota Meyer on Twitter. He’s the young Marine who became famous last year when he became the first living recipient in 38 years to be awarded the Medal of Honor. If you don’t know his story, just look up his Wiki page. He is a true American hero.

Anyway, apparently he takes it upon himself to post an inspirational quote every morning, hash-tagging it “Morning Motivation.” It’s a very noble thing to do, as you never know just who you might inspire on any given day. Well, I read a bunch of them yesterday, and there was one that really stuck with me.

I read this once over, thought about it for a few seconds, and decided it was one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever heard. It’s so simple, yet so profound. And who knows, I may be over-analyzing it. But let me give you my interpretation.

Something to love.

This is the best part of the quote. What I like about it so much is that he didn’t say that we need “love,” or that we need “someone to love.” he said we need “something to love.”

Life has no purpose if there isn’t something that you care about deeply about. Exhibiting strong feelings for something is what makes us who we are. Whether it’s another person — a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparent, friend — or whether it’s your pet, or whether it’s a greater being like God, a physical object like your car, or even if it’s your freaking teddy bear. We need something to devote our feelings toward. Without these feelings, we exist, but our existence has no purpose. If you can’t love something, then why bother?

Something to work on

I like this simplicity of this phrasing also. He didn’t say we need “something to do,” because that leaves the door open for useless activities like smoking pot or updating your Facebook status.

We need something to work on. The key to life is moving forward and improving oneself. We work at our day-jobs because we want to have purpose in this world. We want to be a functioning cog in the great machinery that is our society. That is definitely one big thing to work on.

But aside from physical tasks, you can work on intangible things. Like being nicer or friendlier. It’s these tasks that keep us going, and that keep us living a productive life. Productivity is everything.

Something to look forward to.

I have long said that life’s excitement derives from the next big adventure. And I don’t necessarily mean your week-long trip to Italy over the summer. I mean even the simple things, like a barbecue at a friend’s house, or a birthday party on a Friday night. Maybe it’s a sporting event you’re going to, or a concert you are attending. Maybe it’s a date with someone special to you. It could be anything. As long as it’s something.

Working hard is important — and mandatory — but having fun, doing new things and keeping yourself excited for tomorrow is equally as important. It’s these moments and life events that keep us going.

And when the countdown hits 0, and the big day comes, then find something else to look forward to. Go ahead and circle the next date on the calendar. It’s a cycle that should never end.

And that is what I think about Mr. Dakota Meyer’s quote, or should I say, his tweet. I suppose that it is the beauty of an inspirational message; you can interpret it however you wish, and it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it means something. So thanks, Dakota.

So ignore all of the drab, downer Facebook posts about how “It’s Monday, aw man,” and stay motivated.

Remember, Friday is just four days away. Circle it.

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