I applaud the Facebook world on this boiling hot day

Earlier this week, somebody told me that temperatures were supposed to hit the mid-to-high 90s as the week progressed. Since I only acknowledge information that is given to me by valid sources, I verified her story using the website of the National Weather Service, and saw that it was, in fact, expect to reach said temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday.

Upon seeing this, my immediate reaction was, “Aw, shit.”

I was not expressing disappointment with how the sizzling hot temperatures might affect me physically. Instead, the reason I became angry is because I knew how awful Facebook was going to be on this day.

People love to complain about the weather. They act like they are the only ones who are affected by it, and express how they’d much prefer to be “at the beach.”

What’s my retort to that? I say, go to the beach, then. Quit your job, and go straight to the beach. See if it’s worth it.

Whenever anyone says to me that they’d rather be at the beach, or complains about how they’re “stuck at work” on a hot day, I respond by saying that there is no where else I’d rather be than right here at work. I am very happy to have my job. If I was free to go to the beach on a Wednesday afternoon, then it most likely means that I am unemployed and not making any money.

Also, your office building is probably air-conditioned. So you are actually quite cool and completely unaffected by the hot weather. On a Wednesday afternoon, the beach is the last place I want to be.

So given this mindset, I checked Facebook throughout the day with the expectation of becoming very angry at people.

However, I honestly can say that I did not see any posts about people complaining about the hot weather. I couldn’t believe it. Have people actually matured? Have they come to realize that having a job and getting work done is more important than spending a day lounging at the beach? Have they made the astute observation that weather is something that is completely beyond their control, and thus complaining about it serves no purpose?

Whatever the reason I was, I must admit that I am very grateful to every single one of my Facebook friends for not subjecting me to nonsensical grievances about inconveniences that our out of our control.

I feel that as much as I complain about people’s behaviors on Facebook, I also must give credit where credit is due. So I solemnly tip my cap, even though I’m not wearing one) to those who battled through and survived the heat, and did it without bickering about it on Facebook. Of course, there are still four hours remaining in the day for people to disappoint me.

Speaking of the heat, a lot of individuals — mostly females — who live in New York City spent their time during the heat weave in a very unique way.

By doing yoga.

With hundreds of others. For real.

The day-long free yoga event, sponsored by Lucy Activewear and held at Broadway between 42nd and 47th Streets, happens every year to mark the summer solstice. The event features musical performances, speakers, raffles, and free giveaways.

Four free hour-and-a-half classes were offered throughout the day until 8:30 p.m. and attracted a steady stream of people of all ages, places, and yoga levels.

I actually combined two different articles to provide that information above, but I seriously don’t think one person in the world gives a shit.

Anyway, so I heard about this yoga thing a few hours ago, and I still haven’t decided whether it is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, or the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Hundreds of chicks in tight clothing in flexible positions? I kind of wish I could have just sat there and watched. I would’ve ensured that they were all doing their stretches properly. Because I’m a good guy like that.

Also, if the blonde in the third picture is 18 or older, I’d have sex with her in a second. But if she isn’t, then nevermind. Okay, I’m done. I’m going to spend the rest of the day blasting my AC and watching Netflix.


2 thoughts on “I applaud the Facebook world on this boiling hot day

  1. Well my friend you must have missed my post because I most certainly did write something about days like that should be mandatory beach days!!!!! 🙂

  2. I must’ve not seen it because I blocked you on Facebook a while ago. :p

    Kidding! You’re an exception to my hatred in most circumstances… but that’s only you so be honored.

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