People who wish that “there were more hours in a day” actually just suck at utilizing their time.

If I received a dollar every time I heard somebody exclaim how “they wish there were more hours in a day,” then I would probably have enough money to buy… like a… fancy chair or something. With a swivel.

Seriously though, it’s fairly often when you hear somebody express this complaint. I can understand why somebody might say it at a given moment — they are experiencing a sense of motivation, but conflicting engagements disallow them from devoting the proper amount of time to do what they want to do. Hence the “Need more time!” sentiment.

But, I mean, who are you? Superman? Do you work your side job, fight crime, save lives, and then try to make it home for tea? Is your day really that busy?

Let’s break down a day, shall we? Each day holds:

24 hours.
1140 minutes.
86400 seconds.

Is that really not enough time to do all of the things that you want to do?

Now let’s break down the necessities that people must perform in an average day.

Right off the bat, we can say that the average person is expected to devote hours towards work. Of course that varies per job. Some people work less, some people work more. But we have to use the average, and 8 should fit the bill.

And then you have to figure commute. If you’re commuting more than an hour to work each day, then you’re doing it wrong. I understand that people, either voluntarily or involuntarily, accept jobs that are over an hour of travel distance away from their home. Well, that’s when you move. So, even if it’s the extreme case, where you commute an hour both ways, then that takes up two hours of your day, making it 10 hours that are occupied towards work.

And of course, there is sleep. Studies say that people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. I myself usually get 8, but I know my friends well enough to know that 8 hours of sleep is a more of a luxury than anything. So I’m going to chalk this one up to 7 hours of your day devoted towards sleeping.

So what do we got here? 8 + 2 + 7 = 17.

That leaves us with 7 hours at your leisure. And obviously we are going by workdays here, not weekends.

For girls, it probably takes an hour just to get ready for work. So there’s one of those hours. But that still leaves you with six hours to do whatever the heck you want. Six hours!

You can spend one hour exercising, one hour conducting a hobby of yours (writing, painting, reading, etc.) one hour preparing and eating food, and even still  have three hours to spare.

Those three hours can be extremely flexible. You can use them to go to the supermarket, go to happy hour, see a movie, get a manicure, catch up on your DVR, get an extra hour of sleep, whatever. You get the point.

The point is that the day allots us more than enough time do whatever it is you want to do. I mean, sure, if you have an absolutely excruciating 14-hour day at work, then yeah, your day is going to suck and you will not have time to do anything.

Anyone who uses the excuse of “not enough time in the day” as a crutch are simply avoiding the real truth — they’re lazy and unmotivated. If you want to get back into something — art, music, exercise, interpretive dance, then you have plenty of time to do it. But you’re just not doing it because you don’t actually want to.

If you ask me, you need to stop being awful at utilizing your time. Obviously, when other things come up on any given day, then you’re going to have to prioritize. You may have to cut out one of your scheduled activities due to a lack of time. This is when you use that organ located in your head to figure that out. It’s called your brain.

But if one of your hobbies is really important to you, than don’t immediately rule that one out simply because it’s a “hobby.” If it’s something you love doing, then make sure you squeeze it in. Cut something else out. Again, if there’s something you really want to do, then you can easily fit it in over the course of a 24-hour-day.

The problem isn’t time.

It’s you.

2 thoughts on “People who wish that “there were more hours in a day” actually just suck at utilizing their time.

  1. I found this funny but true – I’m trying to imagine what I would do if I had just a few more hours in a day… crazy, hectic, and busy schedule ahead leave me less time to think and need to workout but like this article state clear say no excuses! 😀

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