Attention hot girls: Not every guy in the world wants to sleep with you.

I’ll freely admit that most of the time, when I introduce myself to a girl, it’s with the hopes that I’ll end up sharing a sheet with her at the end of the night. I mean, it’s not like it’s my sole purpose. But obviously that is what everybody hopes as a best-case scenario.

But, and I am being completely honest here, it’s not my only intention at all. I enjoy meeting new people and forming new friends. So when I introduce myself to a girl, I am mainly hoping that she’s cool and that we hit it off. Anything else after that is a bonus.

However, and I guess it’s not completely their fault, but I feel like attractive girls — particularly girls who have been attractive their entire lives and don’t know any better — always carry the assumption that every guy who befriends them only wants to get in their pants, and nothing else.

That will undoubtedly be the case for many guys. But not all.

If I introduce myself to a random girl at a bar, then yeah, I completely understand why they would jump to that conclusion. Obviously if I build up the courage to talk to a stranger at bar, it’s only because I was physically attracted to her, and hope to hook up. Guys don’t introduce themselves to girls unprovoked just to become friends. I’m sure girls are the same way.

The circumstance that I was referring to earlier happens more often when I am introduced to girls through mutual friends. In this case, I know one of the girls personally, and she brings some friends along one night when we are out.

I’m a pretty social and outgoing person, and as I stated earlier, I enjoy meeting new people. So when this happens, I introduce myself to the girl friends just to be friendly. They are surrounded by people they don’t know, and thus I feel like I’m helping them out a bit by taking the initiative and introducing myself.

So when I do this, and I see the girl look me up and down, and basically just bullshit the conversation just to pretend they’re not a total bitch, and then essentially shrug me off, then it pisses me off to no end.

And when this happens, I no longer have any desire to get to know her any further. She’s a bitch. So I’m done. I’ll simply continue hanging out with my friends and enjoying the rest of my night.

Like I started off this particular blog, every guy wants to sleep with every girl to an extent. Girls, think about every guy friend that you have — they all want to have sex with you. Unless you’re in a committed relationship, of course. Because then you meet people of the opposite gender through different circumstances. But for single girls, it’s the case.

The amount that they want to have sex with you obviously differs. Some of your friends want to do it desperately. One may even be in love with you. Your other guy friends will indeed find you attractive, but some may actually value your friendship and actually would not rather risk jeopardizing it by sleeping with you. However, if you came on to them strongly, then of course they would. Every time.

That’s another thing. Any single guy that maintains a friendship with a single girl does so because they find them attractive. It sounds shallow as hell, but guys have no desire to have ugly girl friends. Having attractive friends, aside from the whole friendship aspect, comes with perks. For one, it makes you look better when you are out at bars. Other girls see you hanging around these good-looking girls, and think that you’re attainable and viable. Also, hot girls genuinely tend to have hot friends — so that’s another bonus.

Unless they’re bitchy friends who won’t give you the time of day simply because they’re trying to be nice and strike up a conversation so that you don’t feel alienated and excluded, of course.

So yeah, hot girls, every guy would sleep with you if you came on to them strongly. But there are plenty of guys out there who simply just want to be nice and friendly. Think about that next time a guy who is “kind of good-looking but not good-looking enough” tries to talk to you.


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