Why in the world do people brag about “booking their vacations?”

As we grow older, we learn to appreciate the true value of a vacation. I know that sounds obvious, but think about it.

When we were kids, we would go on vacations with our parents. We wouldn’t really think much of it. Our parents one day would tell us that we’re going on a family trip, and we’d say “Okay.” Obviously they would be the ones to plan, book and pay for it. We contributed very little, if not nothing, to that.

Of course the vacations would strategically be planned during your summers off from school so that you did not miss any time. So in essence we were essentially taking a vacation from… our vacation. Not that we didn’t enjoy it or anything. It’s not like our parents had to drag us to go away with them. But we were so young that we didn’t realize that going away on a big family vacation was such a privileged and fortunate thing. It was impossible for us to realize that.

Flash forward anywhere from 15-20 years later. We’re a hell of a lot older. We’ve been working at our full-time jobs, and we now appreciate the true value of a dollar. We know what we must endure on a daily basis to earn our money.

Because of that — vacations are a freaking luxury. Now we are the ones who can plan, book and pay for our vacations. That’s our job now.

And when we’re sitting on a beach, ranging from hundreds to thousands of miles away from home — and more importantly, away from work — sipping a margarita and enjoying the sun, then we embrace the shit out of it. We soak up every second of that.

It’s only natural to want to flaunt about the fact that you’re on vacation. If you’re in Mexico, or the Bahamas, or Las Vegas, wherever, you want people to know. You want people to be sitting at their desks at work, bored as hell, and see you post a picture of the beach. Or a picture of you holding a multi-colored drink with a straw and one of those umbrellas sticking out of it.

You just want the world to know you’re having a good time.

Or at the very least, you’ll take pictures during the vacation and then post them on Facebook when you get home.  But you will do one of those two.

I understand that. It still bothers me. Obviously. I don’t need to see you’re on a beach in Cancun while I’m in a shitty office building. But again — I understand it. I won’t condemn you for this behavior because I know it is human nature.

But one thing I absolutely will not tolerate is when people brag about the fact that they just booked their vacation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people post on Facebook, “Vegas… booked!” or “Chicago booked :-)”. And then they’ll tag their friend who they are planning to go on the trip with.


Booking a vacation has absolutely no meaning. Everyone in the world that we know is going to go on a vacation at some point in the future. You just may not know about it at this point in time because the thought of it has yet to manifest in your mind. But it will happen. That’s not the original part. The original part is actually being on the vacation. Actually sitting on a beach chair holding a Corona. Actually zip-lining through the forest.

But posting about how you’re going to be on a vacation? How is that supposed to actually make me feel any emotion whatsoever?

While we’re at it, why don’t we brag on Facebook about how one day it’s going to be our birthday, how one day we’re going to get married, and one day going to have kids! It’s going to happen, so might as well brag about it now!

This behavior is equally as bad as people who actually check in on Facebook from the airport while they are waiting to catch their flight to go on vacation. Honestly, I’d rather be stuck at my work office than be stuck in an airport surrounded by thousands of stressed out morons lugging around 40-pound bags of luggage. Plus you still have your entire travel ahead of you! That whole waiting to board your plane thing, then actually boarding your plane, then waiting on the plane, then the nauseating, turbulent flight, then waiting on the plane some more, and then finally getting off of it. SO JEALOUS.

At the very least, check in from the airport that you just arrived in. That way, at least you’re in another location. That might inspire some jealousy. But just some.

But hey, I guess I shouldn’t rain on people’s parades. Sometimes you need something in the future to be excited about just to make it through the day. But just try to keep from boasting about it publicly until you’re actually doing it. Is that so hard?

In other news, I’m going to Newport, Rhode Island in 16 days!

The trip is already booked 🙂

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