Women are actually good at something!

Yeah so I went for the dramatic headline today in order to catch people’s attention. Although if you actively sought out my blog, then I suppose I had your attention anyway. So all I really accomplished was insulting half of my audience.

Actually, I have no idea what my demographic is. I do not know if I draw in more men or women, or of what age group. I guess I will never know.

Anyway, I am fully aware of the fact that women are good at a lot of things. However, they are especially awesome at soccer in this country. In fact, they have the ultimate bragging rights for the sport considering the men’s team didn’t even qualify. How embarrassing can you get?

So not only did they qualify, but they captured the gold medal today, defeating Japan 2-1. Alex Morgan did not score, but I’d like to think that her hotness played a big factor in intimidating the opposition.

Alex Morgan is only 23 years old, and she is officially the most eligible bachelorette in America. Choose wisely, Alex.

Does the women’s soccer team winning the gold make me proud to be an American? Not really. But it is pretty cool to see a young group of American girls kick ass on an international stage. It also seemed like most Americans were genuinely interested in how they performed. At least that is the feel I got. So it’s nice to see a little bit of nationalism within our great land. Even if it’s incited by the hotness of Alex Morgan. She’s a true American hero.

So I salute you, American women, for bringing home the gold. American Woman is also a good song by the Guess Who, and probably made more famous among our generation by Lenny Kravitz.

Man that music video brings back some memories. By the way, what the hell does Lenny Kravitz do to stay so relevant? You hear his name pop up all the time, but he never makes new music. And how the heck did he get cast in the Hunger Games movie? Whatever secrets there are to living the good life, Lenny Kravitz figured it out long ago.

But getting back to the Olympics. I love how the fact that women having to wear heavy clothing for beach volleyball has actually become newsworthy. As most of you may know, one of the best parts of women’s beach volleyball is the skimpy bikinis. It’s hot. Very hot. However, the Olympics scheduled beach Olympics for nighttime, and it’s apparently cold and rainy in London now, so women are ditching the bikinis.

The fact that it’s news just shows that all men universally have one thing on their mind. And you know what it is. I don’t even need to say it.

T & A.

That article I linked to was regarding Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Here is what America wanted to see:

Now here is what they are seeing instead:


Finally, before I depart, I wanted to chime in about the South African Olympian named Oscar Pistorius, who is a double amputee and yet he is a world-class sprinter.

First of all, the fact that there is actual controversy about whether he should be a true Olympian or not boggles my mind. Yeah he runs with legs that were artificially created to specialize in running, but so what? It’s not like he just put them on and they actually run for him. He is still the one who actually has to do the training, he’s the one who has to stay fit, and he’s the one who has to put in the work. The legs aren’t doing that for him.

I don’t see how it is any different from complaining about how Usain Bolt got really lucky that he was born with natural speed. It’s like saying, “the guy has massive limbs, how can anybody compete with him?”

Also, Pistorius is a DOUBLE AMPUTEE. I’m pretty sure the guy has suffered enough to earn the right to compete in the Olympic Games. Who knows, maybe he’ll motivate young kids to cut off their legs at a young age so that, one day, they could be Olympians too!

Run, Oscar, run!

The Olympics are pretty awesome. Where else do you get to see gorgeous athletes and no-legged runners unite?

Although, I’m still eagerly waiting to hear a story about the first ever no-armed, double-amputee blogger. Maybe I can be the first. Now where did I put my hacksaw?

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