Autumn was in the air today, so people took the time to start unnecessarily shitting on summer

It appears that the horrid weather that hit our shores on Saturday drove out all of the humidity we’ve experienced over the last couple of months. The result? People woke up today to find a refreshing autumn breeze funneling in through their windows.

At least here in Long Island, it was a gorgeous day. There were very few clouds in the sky, the sun was shining and though the breeze was nonstop — it was tame and satisfying. I even went for a run outside in the late afternoon, and the wind was not a hindrance at all. Quite the contrary — it felt good.

Perfect day.

The arrival of this cool breeze clearly signifies the beginning of autumn. I honestly, as I type this, have not the slightest clue when the last day of summer is, or was, and when autumn starts, or started. But whatever date it is — it’s here.

Autumn usually means three things.

1) Football. Yay.

2) People obsessing over pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks.

3) People suddenly coming out of the woodwork to start complaining about summer. Seriously, when did this become an annual ritual?

When winter is here, and it’s really cold, you see people constantly complaining and saying how they wish it was summer. Well, then spring and summer come, and people do their stupid little vacations and their beach trips. And then summer ends, and fall begins, and suddenly you have all these people actually applauding the end of summer. What?

My Newsfeed was littered today with statements along the lines of, “Love this weather! Can’t stand the humidity… good riddance summer!” It really did not occur to me until today how vocal the anti-summer crowd is.

To me, making fun of summer after it ends is almost like making fun of somebody behind their back. It’s like making fun of your opponent after you beat him in a sporting event.

Where was the anti-summer crowd at during the actual summer? Until today, I thought summer was universally cherished. But apparently there is a dedicated group out there who throw a party as soon as fall is upon us. And when they post about how much they love fall, and how summer is overrated, it gives me the impression that they think they are right about something. As if nobody thought fall would ever return, and when it does, they’re like, “Yeah mofos! I told you fall was coming back… nobody believed me!”

What the heck did summer ever do to anyone? Can we not appreciate both summer and autumn? Why is everything so black and white? Democrat or Republican, Jets or Giants, Jacob or Edward. Can’t we all just get along?

That being said, I think we can all agree that winter sucks ass.

But what do I love most about fall? Getting to break out my full arsenal of plaid shirts. I could only wear the lighter ones during the summer, but now I could bust out my long-sleeves. It’s on, bitch.

Oh and you know what else fall signifies? Wedding season. There’s something about foliage that make people want to get married, apparently. I swear, every day for the last two weeks, I have seen some kind of wedding-related Facebook post. Whether it’s engagement photos — which are always in a park, might I add — or those photo booth shots that people do at weddings now.

I swear, where is the originality in weddings? The only real decision people seem to be making these days is the venue. Other than that it is completely formulaic. Remember the montage scene in 27 Dresses when Katherine Heigl shows all of the  wedding dresses to James Marsden of all the different themed weddings she’s attended? THAT’S UNREALISTIC. Every wedding is the same, Katherine. The same!

The last thing I want to bring up is something I don’t talk about very often. Taylor Swift.

Many people may have seen her frisky performance during the VMAs, and I for one couldn’t help but starting at her short shorts. People might look at that song and/or performance and scoff, and say how she’s “not a real artist.” Well, then I highly suggest you take a look at her performance she gave on live television the very next night during the telethon “Stand up to Cancer,” which aired live on several major networks.

The song, written by Taylor herself, is called “Ronan.”

The song is about Ronan Thompson, a 4-year-old boy who died in 2011 of Neuroblastoma, a common cancer among infants. His mother, Maya, started a blog to memorialize her son, and also started a charitable foundation to raise awareness of the prevalence of cancer among children.

Taylor read the blog and apparently became motivated to write a song, which she did. She then personally contacted Maya and said to her that she wrote a song about her son, and asked if she could sing it during the telethon. She obliged and came to the telethon herself (you can see her in the video), and Taylor even gave her a songwriting credit.

Bearing that in mind, if you can watch that video and not feel anything, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

And again, if you think Taylor Swift is some gimmick and talentless artist who simple sings about her boyfriends and nothing else, then well, I think this story clearly shows that you are very ignorant.

But, you know what they say…

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