Is there anything worse than people who end their Facebook statuses with the words “No big deal”?

We are exactly 50 days away from Election Day. What does that mean? It means that over the course of the next seven weeks you are going to see lots of people posting graphics, links and videos on Facebook attempting to defame the political candidate who they dislike.

You will see people post stats that besmirch Obama’s ability to create jobs, because that’s the only negative thing they know about.

You will see people post video clips of Mitt Romney making insensitive remarks towards homosexuals or immigrants.

And all this accomplishes is making our country look absolutely retarded, because in the grand scheme of things, what is occurring is two groups making the two people who may run our country look like morons. How in the hell is that beneficial to our country as a whole? This is the man who will represent us, and all we proceed to do is mock them and label them as incompetent. How can other countries possibly take us seriously?

The months before Election Day are starting to resemble a Wrestlemania world title match back in the late 90s between The Rock and Triple H. With all the gimmicks and outcry that occurs beforehand, I really see no difference.

But I digress. I’m just trying to prepare you all.

Anyway, as annoying as political posts are on Facebook, I can easily think of something worse. In the rare case that one of your Facebook friends is actually doing something exciting or unique, they will inevitably post about it on Facebook. They will make a status that describes what it is that they are doing in very specific detail, and possibly include a picture, and they will end the post with, “No big deal.”

I’ll give you an example (this is a made-up post):

Sherman Helmsley wrote:

Front row of at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks game tonight. Yeah, no big deal.

Sometimes there will be a variation of it, such as:

Alexandra Carter wrote:

Sitting on a beach in Costa Rica sipping a margarita. Yeah, that’s happening.

If hair wasn’t something that I cherished greatly, then I would have no qualms about pulling it off of my scalp after reading these kinds of posts. It would hurt — badly — but that is how much these type of comments annoy me.

When you say something like this, you’re basically insinuating, “I’m doing this right now, and that’s better than anything else that any of my Facebook friends are doing right now, so, that means I am better than you.”

It’s times like this when I wish my life was permanently better than everybody else’s. Sure, I go on trips occasionally, but I’m talking permanently. Like if I lived on a yacht. Or in a castle. If either of those were the case, then no matter what anybody else posts, I can respond by saying, “Yeah, that’s pretty cool, but my life is still better. All of the time.”

But it’s the ostentation and self-designated superiority that really gets me. I understand that you might want to check-in and let others know what you’re doing, but can you not attempt to be humble? When you end the sentence with such self-aggrandizement, it overshadows everything else. It doesn’t even register within me what you are bragging about, and I just become annoyed with your obnoxious grandstanding.

When you are humble about something, it has a reverse effect. Other people will be the ones to comment on how awesome you are. But when you do it yourself about yourself, then that is the one-way ticket to an untouched, zero-response Facebook status. And everybody knows that there is nothing, NOTHING, more embarrassing than that in this entire world.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that since I started the Weinblog, I have now posted over 600 blogs?

Yeah. No big deal.

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