Are you a Facebook comedian?

If there is anything that Facebook has accomplished since its inception several years ago, it’s that it has exposed us to parts of people’s personalities that we never would have known about otherwise.

I’m sure everybody has Facebook friends whom they had previously thought of as shy, but suddenly, Facebook comes along, and now they are posting Facebook statuses six times a day. Your first thought was probably, “Where the hell did that come from?” But at this point, you’ve become accustomed to their constant drivel.

However, Facebook has opened up other avenues other than allowing shy people to suddenly become outgoing. Now you are beginning to see that some of your friends are actually comedians.

Of course I say that sarcastically. The old joke “What are you? A comedian?” derives when a person starts ripping off jokes out of nowhere, and you make that statement in jest.

Only about 1% of our population is funny. Everyone likes to think that they are capable of making people laugh, but to do that on a regular basis is almost impossible. There is a reason why only like three comedians in the world are household names. You have Louis CK, Chris Rock, Dane Cook and Ricky Gervais. Okay so that’s four. If you watch those stupid Comedy Central roasts than you probably know more. It also probably means you should enhance your program watching.

Being funny is very, very difficult. The key to being funny is you have to be intelligent. The best form of humor revolves around making insightful and thought-provoking observations about our world. Nobody did it better than the late great George Carlin, arguably the funniest and most brilliant man to ever set foot on our planet.

So when you see your Facebook friend cracking jokes left and right, you start thinking, “Alright dude, give it a rest. You don’t have to be on all of the time.”

I’ll admit that I write hypocritical blog posts all of the time. I do many of the things that I mock. And this is certainly no exception. The only outlet Facebook provides for me is making jokes. I try to make people laugh in my Facebook statuses, I try to evoke joy when I comment on people’s statuses, and I search for a chuckle whenever I post on an event wall. Maybe one in every four of them are actually genuinely funny, which honestly isn’t that bad of a ratio compared to most people. Is it a cry for attention? Maybe, but what isn’t?

Trust me, I don’t think I am changing the world with my humor. I’m sure many of my jokes are unwanted and unfunny, but you have to live with the good jokes and the bad. After all, you’ll receive zero laughs for 100% of the jokes you never tell. I believe that is a quote from the bizzaro Wayne Gretzky.

Also, I assure you that I am not going to quit my day-job and become a comic. Although that would be awesome. But I am too good-looking to be a comedian, I think. (That was a joke.)

Anyway, the point I am making is that — if you think about it — there’s a select number of your Facebook friends who only try to be funny on Facebook. They almost never post serious statuses, and they are looking for laughs almost all of the time. The funny thing is that when you are an actual comedian, your humor is reaffirmed by people laughing. On Facebook, you are simply looking for somebody to hit the ‘like’ button. Not quite the same effect.

It’s certainly not a bad thing, but just getting back to my original point, it’s funny to me how Facebook allows that side of people to finally come into the limelight. You have the suddenly shy person turned outgoing, you discover that this mild-mannered, even-keeled girl you went to high school with is  emo and hates herself, and then you have that dude who thinks he is the funniest man alive. Of those three, I’d take the funny guy. Like if I was a girl I would have totally have sex with him. Just saying.

Alright so I am incredibly hung over right now, and apparently I blog when that happens. And now that I think about it, this blog has probably prevented me from making half of the stupid jokes on Facebook that I would have made otherwise had it not existed.

In conclusion, for those who have actually stuck with me through these past 2+ years, God motherf%$@ing bless you.

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