ANOTHER teacher?!

It’s gotten to the point where a blog could be started that is devoted entirely to stories about teachers who sleep with their students. These stories are becoming more and more prevalent by the day.

When a male teacher sleeps with a female student, it’s one of the more cruel acts that could ever occur to mankind. I myself I can be chauvinistic at times, but even I know how wrong that is. It’s a shameful and unforgiving act.

But when a female teacher sleeps with a male student, it’s kind of… the complete opposite. Females obviously will not feel that way, but when males hear about the stories, then two things come to mind.

1) “Niiiiiice.”

2) I must see pictures of the teacher.

I’m sorry ladies, but it’s pretty much every guy’s fantasy to sleep with his teacher. It’s right up there with the babysitter and the secretary.

Well folks, just recently, there was another one. 

The screwed up thing about this incident though, is that the boy “victim,” Justin Foster, posted text messages and nude photographs on his Twitter account that his substitute teacher, Anna Michelle Walters, sent to him via text message.

That’s just plain ol’ messed up. Whenever these incidents happen, and the teacher gets caught, I have no sympathy. When you commit such an act like sleeping with your student, you know the consequences and thus should have to bear them when they arrive.

However, usually the affair becomes exposed when the teacher makes a mistake. Usually it’s because she is seen out in public with her student, or because the student’s parents discovered the text messages that she sent to their son.

In this case, though, the student actually bragged about it on his Twitter. For no reason other than to just ruin the life of his substitute teacher, he flaunted the fact that they had sexual intercourse, and posted very revealing photos, and essentially ruined the life of Anna Michelle Walters. She’ll never find work again.

Okay, so I’ve gone long enough. Here is a photo of the teacher:

I mean, she’s like in the top 3 when it comes to any teacher in the universe who has ever slept with one of their students. This is one good-looking chick. If I was on a dating website — which I would never be — and I saw her photo, I might click on it.

Why do guys so desperately want to see a photo of the teacher? It’s because we want to live vicariously through the student’s life. He got to have sex with his teacher. A hot teacher, at that. While he was doing that, I was probably watching an episode of The New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel on my laptop while lying on my bed in my pajamas. Who had the better night?

And here’s a photo of the student she slept with:

Probably not who you had in mind. But I digress.

Sure, a girl might say to all of this, “At the end of the day, after the media attention, after all the deep scrutiny he’ll get, after all of the hateful Twitter messages he’ll receive, and after he comes to the realization that he ruined a women’s life — he may finally realize that having sex with her was probably not worth it.”

And you know, maybe you are right. Maybe. But, that being said…

So let’s get into the nut of this is issue, pun intended, and figure out why not only this specific incident happened, but why all cases of female teachers sleeping with their students happen.

I think I can give a fairly simple explanation. These women, although they are pretty now, clearly had social issues when they were in high school. They probably hadn’t blossomed yet, and therefore they were unpopular and went unnoticed. They drooled over the popular guys, but never spoke to them. In fact, they may have even been mocked by them. But now, several years later, they’re pretty and they’re the ones getting the last laugh.

However, high school wounds burn deep. You never quite let them go. Why do you think everyone freaks out when they hear about their upcoming 10-year high school reunion? Why do you think so many movies are made where adults go back to their hometown to get revenge on their high school bullies? And why are we never able to forget the first girl we ever had a real crush on, way back in high school?

Because those four years of high school affect us deeply. They were a big part of our lives, and helped mold us to what we became today.

So when these women who suddenly become attractive are back in high school — now as a teacher — they find themselves falling for the same bullshit that guys pulled when they were in high school to get girls to sleep with them.

They think, “Now I can get with the most popular guy in high school…” and it makes them happy. They feel the need to make up for their inabilities back when they were students. So they shove aside the whole legal issue, the whole morality issue, they ignore the consequences, and they go for it.

At the end of the day, girls still dig the popular guy, just like how guys still dig the popular girl. It’s innate.

That’s why I played it perfectly in high school. I was never “popular,” per say, but I was in the middle. I was friends with the popular kids and the nerds. I was liked by all. And that since hasn’t changed.

And look at me now! I’m finishing up this blog, and in a minute, I’m going to watch an episode of The New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel on my laptop while lying on my bed in my pajamas.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, a kid is having sex with his hot teacher.

God damn the world is unfair.

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