The Weinblog endorses…

Tomorrow, Nov. 6, is Election Day. If you choose to travel to your local polling station, you have the ability to vote in your local legislative, assembly, senatorial, congressional elections, and then you can cast your vote in the presidential election.

I think the majority of people are glad Election Day is here simply because we won’t have to hear about it anymore. We won’t have to hear all the ads, all of the bipartisan banter and all of the commentary about “who won the debate?”

Finally, the dust will settle, and we will know who our president will be.

Why do I endorse Barack Obama? Because, quite frankly, replacing him with Willard “Mitt” Romney is just unnecessary. You know how everybody said that Mitt Romney doesn’t have a plan? Well that’s because what Obama has been doing is actually working.

When something is working, you don’t need an alternate plan.

Say you’re out at a bar. You spot this cute chick on the opposite side, and you walk over and recite a smooth opening line. Maybe you make her laugh, and next thing you know the two of you are conversing and hitting it off.

How often, during this rare instance, would you ever stop and say, “Wait a minute, I should try another tact.” Why would you ever alter your strategy, and suddenly try a new approach to talk to this girl? The answer is — you wouldn’t.

And Just imagine that you’re about to seal the deal with this chick, who is way out of your league, and then all of a sudden — out of nowhere — your greasy-haired friend approaches the two of you and says, “You know what? I think you need a five-point plan to get this girl to go back home with you.”

The girl would look at you quizzically, and then at your greasy-haired friend, and walk away. And with that, you just got cockblocked to the greatest extent.

Well that is exactly what would happen if we elected Romney as president. We’d be allowing Romney to cockblock Obama.

I know that elections are required every four years, so therefore a candidate, by law, had to be stirred up. Romney was that guy, mostly by default if you look at the motley crew that the Republican caucus threw out there.

In criticizing Obama, people point out that he hasn’t fully lifted our economy from the recession. Uh, duh? It’s been four years. That is an impossible task.

But there’s no question that the economy is heading in the right direction, and that is because Obama is a competent commander-in-chief. The man knows what he is doing. So why remove him from office? It just makes no sense.

Let Obama finish what he started, and then in four years, if you want to vote in a Republican — go for it.

That being said, it disappointed me a bit to learn that a couple of prominent New York newspapers, including Long Island’s Newsday, endorsed Romney. It really makes no sense to me why a major publication would risk their credibility and endorse a candidate who probably isn’t going to win. I know all the “polls” say it’s a dead heat, but that’s just what media outlets say to stir interest. Polls don’t mean anything.

I’m also still genuinely curious to see how Election Day will be affected by Hurricane Sandy. Here in Long Island, thousands remain without power. There main concern is finding warmth and hot water, and voting is probably the last thing that is on their mind. So I will be intrigued to hear if voter turnout is down across the board.

But anyway, just to repeat for emphasis: I certainly do not think that Mitt Romney is a bad guy. I think he is intelligent and well-spoken. However, again, I just think he is unnecessary. His existence in this presidential election serves no purpose. I’m sure he’s a competent governor, and he can stay there. Just stay away from the presidency, bro.

So I am officially endorsing Obama. And I have a pretty good track record when it comes to endorsements. I successfully endorsed the last three American Idol winners. I endorsed Maria Sharapova to call off her engagement. I also endorsed for Sudan to split into two countries last year.

They all listened. Make the right choice.

Or just don’t even vote at all. Honestly, I really don’t care. In fact, I’ll probably oversleep tomorrow and not even remember to vote.

Even as I type this I already forgot what I’ve been talking about for the past ten minutes.

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