Justin Bieber wears overalls; makes headline news

I’ve heard my fair share of scandals in my lifetime, but nothing may be juicier than what transpired this weekend in Canada involving Justin Bieber.

The pop sensation was bestowed with a great honor this weekend, as he received the Diamond Jubilee Award, which apparently is not actually that big of a deal — approximately 60,000 Canadians receive the honor a year for great achievement. In other words, it’s no Purple Heart.

Heck, I think I received a Diamond Jubilee Award once before, and I’m not even Canadian. Actually, on second thought, that might have been a piece of Hannukah gelt.

But regardless, it’s still a nice thing to have. It’s better to have a Diamond Jubilee Award than to… not have one. I guess. Although, earning the award probably wasn’t the most significant part of all this. What was the most significant part was that Bieber was personally handed the award by Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper.

But, before I continue; by show of hands, how many people know who Justin Bieber is?

*sees everyone in the world raise their hand*

Okay, now who here knew that the Canadian prime minister was named Stephen Harper?

*watches everyone slowly lower their hand, except for one weird guy in back. I stare down the guy, and he admits defeat and lowers his hand*

Exactly. And last question — who here even knew that Canada had a prime minster?

*sees that everyone has left the room*

Alright, so back to the topic at hand. What I have said so far isn’t even the big news. Nevermind that Justin Bieber received a Canadian honor, nevermind that he met the prime minster, what really mattered is what he wore to greet the most important man in Canada.

To meet the single most powerful man in his native country, Justin Bieber wore overalls.

The outfit sparked controversy throughout the blogosphere, namely in the British tabloid called the Daily Mail, where writer Hayley Peterson went as far as calling Justin Bieber the “white trash prince.”

Ouch. Now I’m all for poking some fun at Mr. Bieber, but calling him white trash even seems a little extravagant to me. Not to mention that she did it in the headline of the story.

The story actually prompted a response from Bieber, who posted this on his Instagram, which until right now I did not realize could be used as a social networking site

“Let a loan.” Face palm.

I also did not know that Justin Bieber doubles as a mallard duck. But I digress.

In this instance, I can see both sides of the argument. If he was indeed performing that day, and in that same arena, then I don’t blame him for not dressing up. He’s a musician, and thus, his number one priority that day was focusing on his performance. And since he is a 19-year-old musician at that, than it’s all about style.

Would it have killed him to at least brought a long a nicer shirt for a photo op? No. But again, he’s 19-years-old. I’ll cut the kid some slack for not wearing slacks. I’ll give him a pass for not wearing pants. I’ll give him a break for not wearing breakaways. Okay I’m done.

So I don’t really take this whole “scandal” seriously, and apparently, neither did the prime minister.

I wonder if world leaders all tweet at each other? In fact, when are we going to see an alliance or a cease-fire formed over Twitter? Instead of the military recruiting experts in combat warfare, they should seek experts in social networking to negotiate peace treaties.

Or not.

But anyway, back to the Biebs. At the end of the day, it comes down to this — if you could wear overalls, and start an international media controversy because of it, then you know that you have made it big.

Unlike me. I wore my overalls all day long today, and not one single person noticed.

Not one.

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