Remember when popped collars were a thing?

The other day while I was at work, I had just returned from picking up lunch, and as I took off my jacket it accidentally pushed the collar of my shirt up. I didn’t realize that it happened, but a coworker kindly pointed out to me that my collar was disheveled and I immediately fixed it.

It was at that exact moment in time, after fixing my collar, that it even occurred to me that it was once a trend for people to actually purposely wear their collars upward on their polo shirts.

popped collar

Collars are designed to stabilize a shirt. They create balance and symmetry, and are meant to be comforting around your neck.

But when you pop your collar, you pretty much cancel out all of those things.

Fashion trends are funny. It’s always interesting to see what types of styles will sustain over a lengthy period of time, and what other styles people will look back and become embarrassed that they ever bought into it. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that popped collars fall into the latter category.

When do you ever see anybody pop their collars anymore?

I’ll admit, there are trends that people mock, but despite that mocking — they work. I used to mock guys who wore cardigans, but then I noticed that most guys who wear cardigans were actually good-looking and get lots of girls, and thus I bought one myself.

I used to mock people who wore hipster glasses, but then I realized that as long as you don’t get the overly large Urkel frames that take up your entire face, that the more subtle, darker frames can actually look nice, and thus I bought a pair for myself.

But I always have, and always will think that anybody who pops their collar is a giant douchebag. I could not be more proud of myself for not stooping  low enough to emulate it in an attempt to get girls. Not that it would have helped.

So I’m extremely amused that my opinion was universal, and that the trend died out quicker than an Eiffel 65 song. The “popped collar look” isn’t even something I’ve thought about for a couple of years until that afternoon while I was at work.

Not only did the popped collar not look good, but it must be extremely uncomfortable. It’s like wearing a napkin as a scarf. It does nothing.

And I’m not going to bash people for wearing pink shirts. I think some pink shirts look okay on males. But when guys used to wear the pink polo and the popped collar, it was just clearly evident that they were trying too hard.

But I don’t really need to drone on about this much longer, the fact this look has completely disappeared is validation of its abhorrence. But it’s just extremely satisfying to look back at the trends that you mocked a little while back, and to know that you were right the whole time.

It does not happen very often. Trust me.

So anyway, do not even attempt to ask me why — but for some reason I downloaded the new Ke$ha album on my iPod. Honestly, I did it more out of curiosity than anything. Her first album featured a couple of poppy fun songs and I was genuinely interested to see how she would evolve into her next album.

Would she escalate further into her white trash, ghetto, glittery ways, or would she actually attempt to become a refined pop singer? Well, the answer is the former.

I’m telling you, some of the songs on the record were so bad that I actually became embarrassed that I was listening to them alone in my car. And that says a lot. I’ve listed to the likes of NSync, Taylor Swift, 98 Degrees and even One Direction in my car — while alone — and felt no remorse. I mean, no one else knows I’m listening to it, so why would I be embarrassed?

And yet, somehow — some way — I managed to turn beat red and forced myself to turn on the radio while listening to some of the Ke$ha tracks. I even looked around at surrounding cars in an almost apologetic manner that clearly read — “Yup, I was in fact listening to Ke$ha’s new album, and I am sorry.”

However, that being said, I must give credit where credit is due — and there was one track that was more than tolerable. The reason? The song featured The Strokes. And anybody who likes The Strokes can listen to the song and tell that the song has the band written all over it. It just has Ke$ha on vocals. Despite that, I actually kind of like it.

Give ‘er a listen if you don’t believe me.

The sad thing is that I’ve actually seen her live before. No it was not at one of her concerts — It was during a music festival in Memphis that featured dozens of other artists.

Don’t judge me.


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