Will you join me in holy tweetrimony?

I make jokes on this blog all the time about how one day people are going to be making important life decisions on Twitter. I may have joked about it, but I honestly thought our would was really going that way. And if I didn’t actually say it, than I at least thought it, that somebody — some idiot — was going to be the first one to propose to their girlfriend on Twitter.

Well, meet that idiot. 


And here is a Twitter link to that proposal. Feel free to retweet it to your followers.

Reportedly Kat Von D said yes, and the two are now engaged. Yay! I wonder if I’ll be invited to Deadmau5’s bachelor party?

Just typing the word ‘Deadmau5’ does not feel natural. For those who live under a rock, or who are too old, Deadmau5 is one of the pioneers of 21st century electronic music. Him and a couple of other guys named Skrillex and David Guetta spin their little records behind a DJ stand, and people listen to it.

Deadmau5 mask

Personally, I haven’t really bought into the whole electro-music craze. David Guetta at least uses prominent artists like Usher, Rihanna and Chris Brown to sing vocals in his mixes, so the crossover of genres makes it tolerable for me. Otherwise, the music is like rap to me — it’s just noise. Loud, unnecessary noise. That doesn’t mean I don’t see the merit or appreciate the art form of what they do, I just personally don’t enjoy it too much.

Or, for those who still don’t know who Deadmau5 is, you may remember him for being the guy who wears the Mickey Mouse-like mask while he performs. As seen above.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, some woman is actually engaged to… that.

Kat Von D

And Kat Von D is some woman who is famous for being a tattoo artist, having her own show revolving around her tattoo business, and also having a lot of tattoos on herself.

But you know, at least Deadmau5, or rather, Joel Zimmerman — according to his birth certificate — had the decency to call Kat Von D by her proper name. But the question is, did he actually receive  her parents’ blessing? And if he did, did he also seek it through Twitter?

So what is my opinion on all of this? Yes I know I labeled Mr. Deadmau as an “idiot” earlier in this post, but just because you call someone or something an idiot doesn’t mean you don’t like it. Heck, I’m an idiot. The majority of my friends are idiots. This world is dominated by idiots.

I honestly have no problem with this. I think it’s quirky and unique. Why do we need to go through these old-fashioned customs like getting down on one knee? This is 2012 — if we have the ability to tweet wedding proposals, then by gosh we should do it.

Obviously, you need to know the woman you’re doing it to. And I mean know. I’d say that for 99% of women, a Twitter marriage proposal probably would not fly, and doing such a thing would make her irate. But Deadmau, knowing Kat Von D as well as he does, probably knew that she would find it endearing — and he was right. Plus, if you actually see the guy without his costume, he’s pretty wimpy looking.

Joel Z

Score one for the wimpy guys! I mean, look at him. He’s wearing a Puma hat and doing that stupid Star Trek hand gesture. The fact that he got a girl like Kat Von D is a huge turning point for men in this world. Way to go, man.

I’m also just really glad that the first social networking marriage proposal didn’t happen on Facebook. If that was the case, I think my opinion of it would have been totally different.

Alright so let me move onto something else a bit more serious, but also awesome.

I’m sure all of you are pretty familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church. They are an independent church run by one family and are extremely notorious for their extreme ideologies. The fact that their website is called godhatesfags.com pretty much speaks for itself. In short, they are the worst people on Earth.

What makes them even more awful is that they choose highly publicized venues to vocalize their beliefs, so that they can gain more national attention. They commonly picket at funerals, often for fallen marines. They even tried to picket at Steve Jobs’s funeral, and unbelievably, they recently announced their intention to picket at a vigil for the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. It really doesn’t get much worse than that.

For too long, the Westboro Baptist Church has abused our nation’s inherent right to freedom of speech. They don’t get prosecuted against because they technically don’t break any laws — they just say things that are really, really, wrong, bigoted and flat-out malicious. And pretty much everybody else hates them. In fact, they like the hate.

Well, the awesome part is that the Internet hacktivist group (yup, it’s a word now) called Anonymous is taking revenge on the Church.

Anonymous pretty much controls the world. They have the ability to shut down any site in the world within seconds. They’re so good at what they do that they are almost impossible to catch. Naturally, they break laws when they hack websites, so the FBI has been on them forever.

The group first targeted the church in an awesomely V for Vendetta-esque YouTube video. And according to Forbes, Anonymous claimed to have changed Westboro spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper’s PC desktop wallpaper to gay porn, and filed a death certificate in her name, which would prevent her from using her social security number. Yeah, they can do that.

So the FBI needs to turn a blind eye to this. The Westboro Baptist Church has gotten away with too much bigotry for too long, and they deserve every bit of this. I, for one, plan to sit back and enjoy the show.

Alright, I’ve said enough today. But before I go, I want to leave you all with a pretty touching (and for me to say ‘touching’ I have to mean it) tribute to the Newtown Victims performed by the contestants and judges of The Voice prior to Monday night’s show. it really is a muse-see. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Will you join me in holy tweetrimony?

  1. My step cousin proposed to her now wife on AIM (Remember AIM? lol) waaay back in the mid 1990’s. She told him to get off the computer and come do it in person.

  2. Hahaha that is awesome! I suppose that makes them the first “virtual engagement” then. Cool to hear they’re still together — so there is hope for online proposals…

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