So Game of Thrones is the new show that everybody HAS to watch now

There are TV shows that exist, where every now and then, a person will come up to you and tell you that it’s a good show.

But then there are TV shows that you HAVE to watch almost out of necessity.

Breaking Bad recently became one of those shows. It happens when the few people do watch it from the get-go, basically won’t stop talking about it. They’ll unintentionally become the prime advertisers of the show, telling everybody that comes within earshot about great the show is.

Eventually, more and more people will catch up on the show, and overnight, it seemingly appear that everyone in the world has seen this show, and you’re in the minority if you haven’t.

And when you’re in the minority, it means you’re left in the dark in every conversation your friends have about said show, and you know you’re not going to hear the end of it until you watch it yourself.

What’s the next new show like this? Apparently it is Game of Thrones. I determined this because I was at a party last weekend, and literally everyone there watched this show. I haven’t yet. But now I am because I know I don’t have a choice.

The worst thing about needing to catch up on a show is the prospect of having to watch so many hour-long episodes. It honestly feels like work more than anything. But I suppose the point is if it really is that good, then it won’t take too long to get into it.

I actually read the Game of Thrones books years ago. Not to sound like a hipster, but I read them when I was still in high school, well before anybody knew what they were. The thing is, it was so long ago that i basically forgot everything that happens. I suppose that will help me enjoy the show even more though since it will refresh my memory.

For those who really are ignorant towards the show and what it entails, it’s basically historical fiction involving a Monarch style government. There is a king, and he rules all. He has divine power, lives in a castle, and is usually corrupt. There would be no story if the king was not corrupt.

But of course, the corruption leads to lies, murder and betrayal, and since Game of Thrones involves dozens of characters, you follow how each one reacts to the certain lifestyle.

I can attest that the books were easily some of the best things I’ve ever read, so if the show is as good as people say, then I believe it. Give me about a month and I’ll be able to confirm it for sure.

Alright, so the Knicks just lost Game 5 about thirty minutes ago, and I have to be honest — I’m so upset by it that i really don’t feel like typing much more. At all. I’m sure you all noticed my absence yesterday, and the reason for that is because I was celebrating the birthday of a friend who I haven’t seen in several months. So I’m not going to apologize because that’s a pretty good reason. Let’s just chalk this up as an off-week for the Weinblog.

But before I go, can somebody please tell me what the hell happened to Amanda Bynes?

Jesus Christ, I always thought she was slightly overrated even when she was in her prime, but right now she looks like a total meth head.

I’m someone who is a pretty heavy recreational drinker — meaning I do only drink during appropriate times, but when I do, I go hard — and I also have dabbled in drugs in my day, but even i don’t have the slightest understanding how anybody could party so hard that they actually damage their physical appearance? How is that possible? Then again, I’ve never done meth.

But I know what it’s effects are, since I’ve seen Breaking Bad, a show that everybody HAS to watch!

See what I did there? Yeah, I don’t care either.

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