Every guy needs to dress suavely every now and then

Give a man the option and he will always wear a tee shirt and jeans.

That is something that practically all men can agree on. No matter what your body frame is, what line of work you’re in, or how old you are — a tee shirt and jeans, if applicable, will always prevail.

What I mean by that is if you’re attending something where it is allowable to wear such attire without any repercussions, then all men will always do it. There are no other options. No man is going to wear a blazer and corduroys just because he “feels like it.”

I personally am fortunate enough to work in an office where my employers are extremely lenient about apparel. As long as I don’t come in wearing shorts or pajama pants, they tend to not really say anything. It’s sort of implied that we’re supposed to dress nicely, but it’s not enforced. As a result, nobody does.

So I wear jeans 99 percent of the time, like any man would in my situation. By doing so, you sort of start falling into a habit. In my zombie-like trance upon waking up in the morning, I automatically grab for the jeans without thinking about it. I own some nice pants. And not just one or two — but about five. I have five dress pants. Meaning I can actually go an entire week looking spiffy if I so wished.

But, since I know I can pass with jeans, it usually doesn’t even cross my mind to grab for the khakis. As a result, I constantly reuse the same five jeans I own every week. Sometimes I’m not even sure which ones I wore the previous day, and I’m sure there’s been plenty of times when I’ve worn the same jeans two days in a row. The only reason I would know how to avoid that is because my belt is still attached to the last jeans I wore. And yes, I only own one belt.

If you’re in your mid-twenties, and you actually own a collection of belts, then you probably deserve to be whipped with every extra belt that you own. If you own a black belt (and not talking karate), then it matches everything and you’re set. And if you do own a black belt in karate, then I would never try to actually whip you.

I’m good with my few jeans, my one belt, and my polo and button-down shirts. Of course I don’t wear tee shirts to work — most of the time.

However, the other day, for no particular reason, I decided to dress nicely. I threw on some khakis, busted out my Lacoste button-down that I save for special occasions, neatly tucked it in, and even put on some boat shoes and black socks. It felt good. Whenever I went to the bathroom, I stood in front of the mirror a few extra seconds to admire myself.

I don’t necessarily want to say that dressing nicely makes you look better — but it accentuates your physical appearance if you are already good-looking.

For example, if I wear my standard plaid shirt and jeans, then nobody is going to think twice about what I am wearing. I’m a dime a dozen, and therefore, I am not likely to be noticed.

But if I’m dressed up, looking suave and ravishing, then most people probably will do a double take. They’ll take a second to survey your apparel, and then they might notice your other features. It’s sort of a way of peacocking without actually peacocking.

And there’s plenty of other benefits. When you are out in public and you are dressed smartly, you carry that air of importance around with you. When you go to Dunkin Donuts to get your coffee, the barista might think you’re some important businessman on his way to work.

When you park your car and walk to the front door of your home, your neighbors might spot you and think that they’re living in the same neighborhood as somebody successful.

Whether you actually are successful is not relevant — all that matters is that you look successful.

The self-righteousness that comes with dressing up can be contagious. Once you do it, you catch the bug. You want to dress nicely again. Perhaps the next morning, even in your zombie-like state, you might find yourself reaching for the khakis instead of the jeans without even realizing it. The day that finally happens, you will know that you have matured. It’s the equivalent for men as the day a women gets her period. Only 15 years later. And without experiencing pain and discomfort.

I understand that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. To dress nicely it means you have to do two things — you actually have to go to a store and buy clothes, and you have to be willing to spend decent money on them. Those are not easy tasks for men. We like to spend money on alcohol and food. Not much else. But I’m just trying to tell everyone that it’s worth it to allocate a little bit of your income towards clothing to add to your wardrobe. Just do what your budget allows.

Dressing nice is like going to the gym. On the surface, the idea sounds like a disaster, But once you do it, you’ll enjoy it, you’ll reap the benefits, and soon enough you’ll get the itch to do it again.

Plus, it helps you get laid. Those results haven’t exactly shown yet in my case, but it’s only a matter of time.

I hope.

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