Boudoir photography is a new trend that I am OK with.

I’m not going to go on a rant right now generalizing about how silly most of our society’s trends are. At the Weinblog, we aim for specificity.

So I’ll take it one step further and take a jab at how methodical and predictable that wedding trends have become. Oh you got engaged? Great, congratulations. And disclaimer — I assure you I am not even close to being somebody who gets annoyed when people get engaged, I am not a girl. I do, however, knowingly anticipate the drivel that follows most engagements.

First there is the five or six posts showing the wedding ring, and the location of the proposal. Then there’s the status from the newly engaged female about how she is “marrying her best friend.” Then when the date is set, there is the monthly post from the bride-to-be saying, “[Number] months away! OMG I can’t believe it!” And then of course there are the cliche engagement photos, usually in a park or a beach or some type of meadow. Nothing ever changes.

It’s always the same.

That is, until I learned about what is supposedly a growing trend among females and their wedding parties — boudoir photography.

Honestly, I didn’t need to see much more than the picture to instantly lend my approval to this new trend.


According to the New York Post — one of the more reliable publications in today’s print world — boudoir photography is a “growing social trend” in the United States, involving females taking risque photos, and sometimes (as seen above) stripping down to nothing to create an artistic, provocative group shot.

The article continues to say that the photography is meant to “empower women.”

My first thought after all of this becomes, how do I become a boudoir photographer? These geniuses somehow talk women into getting naked directly in front of them, and, even better, somehow convince them that what they are doing is empowering.

Oh and the best part? Most of the girls in that photo are sisters.

Let that resonate.

The bride-to-be, named Jennie Richards, pictured in the far right, said that this photo was about “having fun with my friends.” Yeah, I’m glad that you guys are having fun. If you want to have more fun, then I’m all for it. Who am I to stand in the way of your happiness?

One can make the case that I have handpicked a couple of sexist topics the last two days, but I assure you that I am trying my best to be objective here. That being said, can anyone ever picture — in a million years — a group of men feeling the need to do something like this in order to gain a sense of supremacy? Sometimes I just can’t help but feel befuddled whenever I try to fathom how the female mind works.

But like I said, I for one am willing to give this new trend a trial run, and see how it goes. I think many more women should consider it, and I may even recommend it to a couple of my friends who recently got engaged. If it really is becoming as popular as the New York Post says it is, then I would be a bad friend if I didn’t.

I’m all for femininity. I am the biggest advocate of women’s rights. Susan B. Anthony is my hero. I admired Hilary Swank’s character in Million Dollar Baby. And I still firmly believe that Emelia Earhart survived her 1937 circumnavigational flight.

So if this new trend involving women stripping completely naked and showing their bodies to the world, while closely gripping other females at the same time, is going to become popular, then, well, I suppose I can accept it.

I’m just that kind of guy.

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