Gay rights, Paula Deen and Aaron Hernandez, oh my!

Boy oh boy, what a news day today was!

You had the Supreme Court make two major rulings to strengthen gay marriage, Paula Deen’s life is in disarray after making racial slurs, and former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with first degree murder. It was a blogger’s dream, and a day that Twitter hash tags are made of.

And honestly, as far as a trifecta of news stories is concerned, you really couldn’t have three more different items. You have something for everyone.

For the political folks, there’s the equality issue. For the pop culture enthusiasts, there’s celebrity chef/bigot extraordinaire Paula Deen, and for the sports fanatics you have an extremely notable player on a hated team who will probably never play another game again. And I didn’t even mention nelson Mandela or George Zimmerman.

I can’t think of one person in the world who wouldn’t have an interest in at least one of those stories. Well, maybe starving children in third world countries who can’t afford the electronic means to even learn about these stories, but that is besides the point.

And they all pretty much happened at the same time, too. Around early afternoon, Facebook and Twitter were blowing up with people reacting to these stories. Of course, most people latched onto the gay rights issue to post a positive status in order to show their “good side” to the public.

I really have nothing more to add to that other than “Good.” That it even takes Supreme Court rulings to determine that people are equal is mind-boggling to me. However, with these rulings, it appears that our nation is finally overcoming these flaws in our justice system.

As for Paula Deen, I’ve never spent more than two seconds of my thoughts on celebrity chefs, so I’m not going to start now.

And I’m a big sports fan, so naturally I have much more of an opinion on Aaron Hernandez. Firstly, and generally speaking, if you are a young, talented and well-paid athlete, and you somehow manage to royally screw it up, then you deserve every bad thing that is going to happen to you.

Nobody in the world should have any sympathy for him. I don’t want to hear about how he grew up in a culture where gang warfare is extremely prevalent — once he put on an NFL uniform, his life was changed. He was living in a mansion. As a 24-year-old, he had his whole life ahead of him to continue earning money, play a sport for a living, and become a beloved hero throughout New England. Instead, he is probably going to spend the rest of his life behind bars. And he deserves it.

It’s pretty easy to not kill somebody, nevermind being rich and successful to boot. So even though it’s only the end of June, I have no problem proclaiming Hernandez as the dumbest person of 2013. Way to go, buddy!

But going back to the gay rights news, it really is a historic, landmark day for America. There are too many stubborn people in the world who think we still need to live by documents that were written hundreds of years ago. So that there are more level-headed people in our justice system (albeit slightly more) than stubborn idiots is at least a step in the right direction.

Although, it did take me about three hours to learn what DOMA stood for.

At first I thought it was the YOLO version for expressing your joy for gay rights.

And it should be.


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