I guess August is the month where people forget how time works

For the first time in recorded history, today marked the beginning of a new month. Since the Big Bang and the inception of our universe, never before has the calendar turned over, giving us a full ledger of days for us to start afresh.

Oh wait, you’re saying what? This happens? A dozen times? Per year?

Woah. Sure didn’t feel that way today based on most people’s reactions on Facebook.

Twelve times per year we experience the end of one month and the start of another. Thanks to the invention of the calendar, we are actually foretold in advance exactly how this works. Some months are shorter than others. Some actually have their amount of days change every four years. Yes, I know it’s confusing.

Most people seem to be pretty knowledgeable on the subject. When April 30 becomes May 1, I hardly hear any criticisms or concerns. Same with May into June, June into July, etc.

But when August 1 comes around, something weird happens. It’s like some chemical gas unleashes in the air and people forget the concept of time. I say this because I can’t even count how often I saw people posting their confusion on Facebook that it is already August.

“It’s August already?” read one status.

“Where did the summer go?” said another.

Part of me wanted to chime in with an explanation about how we fulfilled all of the days in July, and thus, August is the month that follows. But I thought it was better left alone.

Obviously I’m not an idiot. I know that these hypothetical questions are more of a commentary on how the summer is more than halfway over, which is the real thing that people are flabbergasted about. And not the fact they have to write the number “8” instead of “7” when they fill out the date on a sheet of paper.

This should not come as a surprise, however. I think the problem is that people just greatly underestimate how time works. In the grand scheme of things, time moves very slow. People live to be 70,80, 90, sometimes 100 years. That is a long-ass time.

But in the context of one month, time moves fast. Days and weeks pass in the blink of an eye. When I was about 16 or 17, and it became August and September, I used to always think, “Man, this year is flying by!”

And then I realized, “Wait, maybe time isn’t flying by. Maybe this is just normal.” If you find yourself amazed by the rapid succession of time every year, then, maybe a conclusion can be drawn — time moves quickly.

I typically try to avoid commenting on some of the stupidity I see on Facebook, but when I notice the same thing happen four or five times, I can’t help but lend my two cents. And something tells me that others may have had a similar experience, so perhaps a few of you can relate to my frustration.

Or maybe some of you had absolutely zero idea that today was August until you read this post. And in that case, I applaud you for being so blissfully ignorant. I wish I shared your apathy.

Okay, so to touch on a bit of current events — because I am also here to educate and inform — I must say, is there anyone in the world whose life is going to be analyzed under a bigger microscope than George Zimmerman? I swear this guy can be put in the Witness Protection Program and he’d still make headlines every single day.

I mentioned last week how he was publicized for allegedly saving a family from an overturned truck, but that was on the same day as the birth of the Royal Baby (later named George), so no one cared. This time, he’s in the news for a much different reason.

On Sunday, the 29-year-old was pulled over for speeding in Texas. Now that’s not really a big deal. It happens. I got a speeding ticket a few months ago, and I’m a saint.

But the hubbub here is that Zimmerman was carrying a gun with him at the time. *Cue dramatic music*

That isn’t really a big deal, either. In the south, a gun in a car is as common as an air freshener, but, something tells me that all of the Trayvon Martin enthusiasts will not be too pleased to hear that Zimmerman is free-riding throughout the south with a loaded gun.

Oh well, it’s a new month. Not just for George, but for everyone else, and therefore, a time for us all to cleanse and start anew. A rebirth, so to speak.

Or, we could just keep doing what we’ve been doing all summer, and then on September 1, voice our amazement at how fast time flew.

Can’t wait.

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