You’ve made a bad life choice in general if you still haven’t begun watching Breaking Bad

About two years ago, I decided that I wanted to start watching television shows again. With the ability to watch TV instantly online, and the invention of digital video recording, there was no reason not to.

Watching movies is great, but it’s a whole different experience to become engaged in a television show, and get to enjoy it over years at a time.

The first television show I decided to start with?

Breaking Bad.

The show had just completed its second season, and I was hearing some pretty good things. Plus, at the time, it will still flying under the radar a little bit, likely because it was on an obscure channel in AMC. So being the true hipster that I am, I decided to start with that one. Within the show’s first minutes, I was hooked, and have been ever since.

There’s no need to waste anyone’s time discussing what the show is about. Either you watch it and you know, or you don’t watch it and you’re sick of hearing people talk about it. Either way, that’s not the purpose of this blog post.

What the purpose is, however, is to state simply and factually that if you still — as of Aug. 19, 2013 — have yet to watch any of the episodes, then you pretty much just suck at making life decisions.

I typically try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but in this case they do not deserve it. This show has been touted, praised and discussed for years now. By 2012, it was must-watch TV, and even before the show has concluded, is widely accepted as one of, if not the, best television drama of all time.

And now, with the show airing its final episodes during the next six Sundays, the chatter is only going to expand and intensify. The point is that you’ve had more than a year to listen to people tell you how good this show is, how original it is, and how refreshing it is to finally see some quality programming amid the drivel that exists on other networks.

And yet, there are still some who haven’t done it? Don’t tell me that “you watched an episode” and gave up, because the show is so good, that one episode is all that should be needed to draw in people’s attention.

The “I don’t have time” excuse won’t cut it either, because as it’s a cable show, the episodes are only about 45 minutes long. If you can’t spare 45 minutes of your day, then your life sounds pretty miserable for reasons other than the fact that you don’t watch Breaking Bad.

There are very few shows in the world that are as universally liked as Breaking Bad while it is still airing. Normally, it takes a show to end for it to be truly appreciated. However, Breaking Bad already has that distinction, and it’s not even done. And when a show is this big, and still churning out new material, it’s amazing weekday conversation fodder for work. Amazing.

So by not watching it, and excluding yourself from these conversations, you’re just doing yourself a great injustice.

Sunday nights belong to Breaking Bad, and through October, nothing else will matter on those nights.

Alright, so perhaps I’m exaggerating somewhat by wholly discrediting anybody’s life who chose not to watch Breaking Bad, but with all the acclaim, popularity and love that this show garners, for someone to still not find the motivation to even give it a try — well, it at least makes me think a little less of them.

But as I said, there’s six weeks left until the show ends, and that’s enough time to bang out the entire series before it’s done.

Because if you don’t know who The One Who Knocks is … well, you deserve to be knocked on.

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