You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

You’re gonna miss me by my walk
You’ll miss me by my talk
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

No this blog post is not meant to be my swan song, it’s merely a reference to one of the songs that is sweeping the nation, “Cups (When I’m Gone)”, sung by Anna Kendrick for the movie Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect is film released at the end of 2012 that really kind of flew under the radar. It’s about college a capella groups, and therefore I think it didn’t garner any attention because it’s an unoriginal topic. As far as the demand for capella entertainment goes, Glee has been satisfying most people’s fix.

But by now, most people have seen it. They’ve either caught it on HBO, rented from their local Red Box, or possibly even downloaded it illegally and can expect a cease and desist letter from Universal Pictures in a few months.

And if there is anything I’ve realized about Pitch Perfect during this summer, it’s that this show is the anti-Glee. I actually meant to write a blog about this exact topic a little over a month ago, but then Cory Monteith died, and I thought the timing might be a little insensitive. But that grieving window has passed and it’s all good now.

Pitch Perfect, starring Anna Kendrick, Skyler Astin and Anna Camp, among others, actually comprises a full arsenal of solid singers. As opposed to Glee, which has Lea Michele, and then a bunch of other people using AutoTune.

Also, the movie contained some genuinely funny lines, and provided an entertaining mix of both older and newer songs. It even had several Breakfast Club references to boot.

In other words, where as it’s uncool to like Glee — at least for 20-something year-olds — it is cool to like Pitch Perfect. It didn’t hurt that Kendrick is totally rocking shit right now. She’s got that laid-back, chill, “I’m over it” vibe down pat. As far as universal likability goes, she’s just one notch below Jennifer Lawrence.

She’s obviously extremely pretty, but what I like about her is that she actually has an incredible singing voice, and you wouldn’t have ever known it if it wasn’t for this movie. When actresses can sing, they usually flaunt it any chance they get, whether it’s in movies, YouTube videos, talk shows, whatever. They waste no time informing the world they can sing.

But Anna Kendrick has been a star for four years now (ever since her Academy Award-nominated performance in 2009’s Up in the Air), and it took that long for her to show people what she is truly capable of. What that tells me is that she’s not in the business for the sole purpose of impressing people.

But, inevitably, she’s now reached the point where she is impressing a lot of people. What was meant to be a simple song to further the plot development of a film, has now turned into a hit single. Not only is “Cups” all over the radio, but it’s reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100, and its YouTube video has been viewed more than 46 million times. 

Artists spend their entire lives trying to crack the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Anna Kendrick did it without even trying. And that’s why it’s hard to not like this song.

And before any one says it’s “trendy” to like this song now, let me enlighten you about its origins. It’s actually a cover version of a 1931 folk song performed by a band called The Carter Family, who were an American folk group active during the years 1927 to 1956.

So how could this song be identified ad trendy? It’s sung by someone who isn’t even an actual singer, it’s a cover of a folk song, and the instrument used for its initial recording is actually a cup. If anything, this is the most hipster song to ever become popular in the history of music.

And if you think Kendrick’s voice was modified for the studio version, then listen to her singing the song on the Late Show with David Letterman last year, while doing tricks with a cup at the same time. If that’s not true talent, then I don’t know what is.

Until I saw that video, I thought cups were good for two things — consuming beverages and playing beer pong.

Anna Kendrick has shown me differently, and now, I shall never be bored again when I am in the presence of a cup.

At least not for about five minutes.

One thought on “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

  1. Random Trivia: Skylar Astin and Lea Michele were original cast members in Spring Awakening

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