It pains me to say it … but the plaid shirt is dying

There was one a time in my life where I was in that “in-between mode” as far as my sense of fashion.

I cared about how I looked, but not to the point where I was going to run from store to store and spend a lot of money looking for the perfect apparel.

The result? Plaid shirt after plaid shirt after plaid shirt. It was so easy because for the past few years, they have been “in,” and every single clothing store sold them. And when it comes to plaid, you really can’t go wrong. I had a plaid shirt for every color of the rainbow. Heck, I think I have one that comprises every color of the rainbow by itself. Except indigo. Fuck indigo.

It’s a seasonal shirt, yes, but by golly, once the leaves turned brown, it was plaid all day.

I’m not entirely sure how this trend started, but I know that the popularity of folk-pop music has not hurt. Bands like Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men have brought back not only plaid, but sweater vests, straw hats, boots and even overalls. And also just the color brown in general.

However, as of late, my fashion sense has began to evolve a little. When I shop, I have found myself strolling past the plaid shirts and onto other things. I buy cardigans, sweaters that zip down halfway, and I’ve become really big on collarless shirts.

At first I didn’t think much of my waning interest in plaid. I already own enough as it is, so I didn’t really need to buy anymore anyway. But now the weather is starting to get a tad bit chillier again, or as I like to call it — plaid weather. And yet, I still find myself disregarding my collection of plaid.

And then it hit me. I don’t really see many people wearing these type of shirts anymore. Two years ago I could step into a bar and see nine out of ten guys wearing plaid. But I don’t believe that is the case anymore.

I firmly believe, that, after a good four or five year run, plaid is dying. And that saddens me terribly.

Throwing on a plaid shirt was the trademark of every guy who lacked fashion sense, but could still make himself look trendy. All it took was a plaid shirt, a quick swipe of gel to muss up the hair, a fourth consecutive day of not shaving, jeans, and we looked like a fucking fashion model. And it took such little effort.

But now we are coming to the final quarter of the year, and who knows what fashion trend is in coming in 2014. Perhaps plaid will see a revival, but something in me — something deep in my heart — tells me that it is not going to be as popular again as it once was. I feel like a small piece of me has died as a result.

Even girls bought into it. I have never heard a female critique a male’s choice of clothing when he was donning a plaid shirt. Not once. And on the opposite side, I stand by my belief that a girl in a plaid shirt is one of the sexiest things imaginable. So if plaid does go away, it’s disappointing in many different ways.

Maybe it’s my fault. Perhaps I became too greedy earlier this year by wearing a plaid shirt and a cardigan at the same time. The world may have just not been ready for that yet.

But I guess like an old song on the radio, it just got plaid out.

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