Someone explain to me what LinkedIn actually does

About two or three times a week for the past couple of years, I have received emails from people who “want to connect to me through LinkedIn.”

Since I lacked an account, I could not grant this request. So I ignore these emails.

But the more requests I received, the more I realized that practically everyone I know has their own profile. I suppose I understand the merit — it’s another way of getting your credentials out there. In this day and age where everything and anything is readily accessible through social media, LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to put positive information about ourselves out there.

Rather than potential employers and colleagues Googling our name, finding our Facebook and seeing our drunk activities from last Friday night, they can find our LinkedIn accounts instead, and see our career aspirations, past job history and our skill sets.

Or they can Google my name, find this blog, and actually discover that I am a moron.

So the networking makes sense. But I still never created an account because, besides that, I didn’t know what else its purpose was. Well, about an hour ago I finally signed up. I recently learned that you can actually join groups on it, such as your college alumni organization, as a further way to network. So I did that.

But, now what? I kind of half expected to start receiving job offers in my inbox the moment I signed up. But that hasn’t happened. Therefore, I really don’t know what else I am supposed to do. Can I message people? Can I apply for a job on LinkedIn? Can I “friend” people?

According to Forbes in a July 2012 article, “LinkedIn is, far and away, the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today. Far and away.”

Okay, so… TELL ME WHY.

And that was totally meant to sound like it was being sang by the Backstreet Boys.

In my three or so years of being in the professional world, I have yet to hear one single person tell me that LinkedIn directly contributed to a job hiring. I’m not trying to discredit the site at all, I’m simply sharing my ignorance with what it actually does. Until proven otherwise, I’m going to think of it as my resume floating around in Neverland.

And if Neverland is hiring, someone let me know about that too.

While I try to figure that out, let me revert back to this whole ordeal that is happening right now in Syria. On Tuesday I said how my specialty is to read one article about an issue, and then act five minutes later like I know all about it. Hey, It works to an extent. Actually, by taking five minutes to read an article, it will probably make you more informed about a topic than 90 percent of the people who you know.

Anyway, I discovered the article to end all the articles regarding the Syrian conflict, and why it so greatly affects America.

The people over at the Washington Post were kind enough to dumb down and simplify what is happening over there in the Middle East, and now all of you can be in the know!

So while at work tomorrow, share some of this knowledge with a friend. Walk over to your nearest water cooler, and break out a line like, “So, it sucks that Syria violated an agreement laid out in the Geneva Convention in 1925 by utilizing chemical weapons, right Max?” And then just get your water and walk away. Max will be impressed.

Maybe countries should have their own version of LinkedIn.

Oh wait, it’s called the United Nations.

Neither seem to work very well.

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