My faith in people’s ability to take engagement photos has been restored

A couple in their mid 20s embrace in a meadow. Their arms are interlocked around the back of each other’s necks and they gaze into one another’s eyes. A tint of sunlight crackles in the sky, and rows of flowers bloom colorfully in the background, contrasting perfectly with the emerald grass.

In the distance sits a pond, its serenity interrupted by the occasional ripple of the wind. And as the couple matches each other’s stare, they smile, a look that says, “How did we get here?” and “I love you” at the same time.

What am I describing? No, it’s not the “Happy Place” Adam Sandler drifts off to in moments of discord in the movie Happy Gilmore, instead, it is EVERY ENGAGEMENT PHOTO THAT’S EVER BEEN TAKEN.

Engagement photos have become arguably the most important part of the pre-wedding planning festivities, thanks in large part to the inception of Facebook. In the past, these photos were something you’d keep for your personal collection, and as something to share with your family and closest friends. But now, as soon as they’re ready, they are going onto Facebook for the entire world to see.

The comments these photos receive are generally the same: “You both look amazing!”, “These photos are stunning,” or “You guys are the perfect couple!”.

It takes all my inner strength to not chime in and remark about how every single one of these photos are repetitive, unimaginative and cliché.

Over the years, I have become completely disenchanted towards the elegance of engagement photos. In short, they are all the same. There’s absolutely no creativity and everybody is afraid to break tradition.

Well maybe I should give people some credit. Instead of a meadow, some choose a park. And instead of being next to a pond, maybe it’s a lake. These are the bold decisions that some people choose that would make Evel Knievel proud.

And that’s not to say that the photos don’t look fantastic — couples shell out hundreds of dollars on a professional photographer, and the results are usually quite exquisite. I’m not questioning the quality of the photographs, I’m challenging the imagination.

Isn’t that what brings couples together in the first place? Individuality? Matching idiosyncrasies? Personal taste?

And then suddenly, during a time when true love hits its apex, and it comes time to present it to the world in the form of photographs — everybody plays it safe.

It baffles me to no end.

But finally — finally — one couple gets it. One glorious, beautiful couple stood up against the decrees of engagement photo etiquette, and did something different.

 A zombie theme.

zombies14 zombies20 zombies34 zombies52 zombies58 zombies65

The pictures could not be more perfect. If you view the entire spread, then the photos play out like a story board. Each image transitions perfectly into the next, and the sequence of time is dispersed so evenly that you know exactly what each person is doing from one slide to the next.

The couple is capitalizing on one the hottest trends of the last several years in zombies, and transferred it flawlessly to photographs that still manage to encapsulate their love for one another, while also showcasing their creativity and personalities.

They obviously took a leap of faith with these pictures, and to me, these series of photographs tell me more about a couple than any other engagement photos in a park or meadow ever could.

Others may look at it and find it revolting. And think they wasted their money. They’ll claim that this couple besmirched their one opportunity in life to capture their love in photos.

But by God, this is true art. This is what it is all about. I truly hope that it will become popular enough that other couples see it and become inspired. Because the world needs more of this.

And who would have ever guessed that the purest moments in two people’s lives could be expressed using zombies?

That’s what makes it so special.

2 thoughts on “My faith in people’s ability to take engagement photos has been restored

  1. That’s great! If my husband and I actually had the money and the creativity and the acting skills, we’d have done something fun(ner). But we did go for ice cream after the ceremony and took some wedding photos there. So, points for trying???

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