Can we stop calling Wednesday “hump day” once and for all?

Wednesday falls in the middle of the work week. When it comes around, it means the week is more than halfway done, and thus, all of the laborers in the world are getting over the metaphorical hump.

Somewhere in time, people thought it would be clever to begin calling Wednesday “hump day.” And according to Wikipedia, the terminology is only used in North America. Figures.

I find it amusing that people always wish one another a happy hump day with a positive connotation. Whenever somebody approaches me and says, “happy hump day!”, I notice that they are always grinning from ear to ear. Why?

To me, it shows that people essentially live for the weekend. All everyone wants is for it to be Friday and Saturday all of the time, and by acknowledging that the week is halfway over, they’re expressing their excitement that the weekend is near.

It’s quite unnecessary. If I am the recipient of a greeting, it should be something that I am truly happy about. If I’m told “happy birthday,” or “Merry Christmas,” then that’s awesome. Because that means it is either my birthday or it is Christmas.

But when I am being wished a happy Wednesday, all it does is remind me that it is not a day of actual significance. And then when a corny nickname is used to describe the day, it just makes it that much worse. I don’t try to be a downer, and I never respond negatively to such a greeting, but anytime someone wishes me a “happy hump day” I end up being slightly less happier than I was a second before.

“Happy Friday” is appropriate.

Even “Good night” is too. Because it means the workday is over.

Happy hump day means nothing. And the people who say it are probably the same ones who say other stupid things like “somebody has a case of the Mondays!”

And then there’s the immature people who can’t handle the use of the word “hump” without breaking into a giggle, or saying something inappropriate, and it just makes everything worse. So what started out as an unnecessary greeting to begin with, just turned into a whole cluster of stupidity that I now have to pretend to be a part of.

Whatever happened to simple greetings that can be said regardless of the day? Like “Hi.” What’s wrong with hi? No one has ever said hi to me and made me mad by doing so. I’ve never looked at somebody and said: “Hi? Did you just say hi? What the hell is the matter with you?”

I say hi back, flash a quick smile, and that’s that. Simple and expressive. It’s all you need.

But when someone says “happy hump day!”, there’s now an expectation that I have to say something witty and goofy back that involves a sexual innuendo or a reference to either a camel or Humpty Dumpty. And that just makes me hate myself.

Henceforth, I think I am going to start pretending like I don’t hear people when they wish me a happy hump day. That way, I’m not being anti-social, and I’m maintaining my principles.

Because without principles, our lives are humpless.

4 thoughts on “Can we stop calling Wednesday “hump day” once and for all?

  1. Thank you! Finally someone that shares my sentiments about that phrase! Geico has made it worse by using it in the TV advertisements! It is so bloody annoying!

  2. Hear, hear!!! Hate the term Hump Day. It’s right up there with Life Hacks and Selfie. I must be getting old…

  3. Oh man oh man. I stumbled onto this blog from a google search of Hump Day and never expected to find something so refreshingly entertaining. Thanks!

  4. Haha this is hilarious! Love this post man!

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