A menacing pack of rampaging motorcyclists probably ranks among my greatest fears

Everybody fears something.

Some have an irrational trepidation of small creatures like spiders or snakes. Many fear the unknown. Others fear death. There’s something out that there that instills fright all of us, and nobody is immune to it.

Me? I fear a menacing herd of motorcyclists chasing after me at top speed, wanting nothing more than to savagely beat me to a bloody pulp.

Oh wait, that happened last week to somebody.

By now, you’ve all likely seen this video or at least heard this story. An Asian male named Alexian Lien was driving on a New York City highway accompanied by his wife and daughter when he accidentally bumped one of several dozen motorcyclists who were traveling alongside him.

So that’s when the motorcyclists all stopped, assessed the situation, and after determining that it was an accident, they sent along their well wishes and everybody continued on their merry way.

Oh wait, that’s what civilized people do.

I know it’s not right to generalize motorcyclists into one single stereotype, but I’m going to anyway. They are scary. And mean-looking. And the only thing worse than one of them, is hundreds of them. Together. At once. I’ve never actually seen an episode of “Sons of Anarchy” before, but I have seen commercials, and those alone scare me. So I picture every motorcyclist to look and act like he’s a character on that show. Mixed with Ghost Rider.

If I’m driving and a pack of motorcyclists appear in my vision, I will do whatever it takes to distance myself. I’ll slow down to 15 miles per hour if it means letting them speed ahead of me and far, far away.

One day, I’m sure that I will witness a motorcycle rider saving a kitten from a burning building. But until that day comes, I will live on in fear.Ghost Rider

So I can only imagine the emotions that Lien must have felt when he found himself in a situation where he was driving for his life, and being tailed by hundreds of these guys who were out for blood. The rest is history.

The story only gets more and more bizarre by the day. Three riders have since been charged, and one family member claims that the injuries her husband sustained when Lien ran over him might make him a paraplegic. And then, it was revealed that as many as five of the riders may have been off duty cops. If any story deserves a verbal “W-T-F,” it’s this one.

And the most ridiculous aspect of it all is that the video posted above — which has gathered more than six million views on YouTube as of today — was filmed and uploaded to the Internet by one of the riders. If anyone deserves a beat down, it’s that guy.

This story will probably lose steam pretty quickly, but it’s also probably going to go on for a long time. Lawsuits will be filed, trials will ensue, and it may be years until we know who is being held responsible for this mess.

My solution? Legally limit the number of motorcyclists who can travel together. If it’s more than five, it’s too much.

Too long have we regular drivers been exposed to these hoodlums who think they can swerve every which way, and weave in and out of traffic whilst on the road. And now, they’re beating up Asian people. When will it end?

And if you’re a motorcyclist, and you’re reading this… please don’t hurt me.

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