I have a soft spot for sci-fi and fantasy, but Pokémon is where I draw the line

I have absolutely no shame when it comes to admitting my love for anything science-fiction or fantasy related. I adore every moment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and still quote the movies every chance I get. The Harry Potter books were sacred texts to me at one time. And it didn’t stop there.

Throughout my childhood, I sought out as many sci-fi or fantasy books that I could get my hands on. I’ve read more books about elves, wizards and fairies in my lifetime than any man ever should. And I mean the winged, flying fairies, and not… eh, nevermind.

I don’t see why I’d be embarrassed about this. That I enjoyed these type of stories so much shows that I was a creative child with a vivid imagination. Unfortunately, as you grow older, things change. During junior high, high school, and even parts of college it was easy for me to cozy into a sofa chair with a book and slip into a faraway, distant land.

But now, as a working man with actual real-life responsibilities, it’s hard to do. It saddens me a little, but that’s what happens when you grow up. The Lost Boys from Peter Pan faced the same dilemma.

Although, I am able to fill that void with more adult-oriented entertainment like HBO’s Game of Thrones. And thank goodness for that show. Because its managed to make fantasy-fiction cool again, albeit in a very violent, somewhat sadistic way. But that’s fine with me.

What do I care if someone judges me for liking it? They are the ones who are missing out, and who are doing themselves an injustice by failing to broaden their imaginations.

That being said, there is a place where I draw the line, and that place begins and ends with Pokémon

Again, I have no problem telling people that I’ve read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone approximately two dozen times, but I will defend to my grave that I have never once spent a second of my life playing Pokémon. Not the cards, the video games, toys, whatever. Never once.

And I understand that the average age of people who do play Pokémon are like 8, but I am going on record by saying that even when I was an 8-year-old boy, I never, not once, played it. Never have, never will, and if anyone says otherwise, I’ll kill them.

The reason I bring this up, of course, is because a new Pokémon game, called Pokémon X and Y, was released on Saturday. Apparently it is the sixth generation of the game. More than 1.26 million people in Japan preordered the game before it was even released, and 400,000 people did so in the United States.

And that’s not even the worst part. People waited on line to pick up this game as early as two weeks in advance. Not only were these people not kids, but a couple of them weren’t even teenagers.

To me, this is worse than the government shutdown. That adults were actually waiting in public for more than a week to buy a roleplaying game about glorified Japanese Teletubbies whose target audience is in the age range of 6-10 is horrifying.

I live in fear that, one day, I will somehow be associated with the Pokémon franchise. And this is coming from somebody who was Harry Potter for Halloween.


One thought on “I have a soft spot for sci-fi and fantasy, but Pokémon is where I draw the line

  1. I respect your opinion, but unless you’ve grown up playing or watching Pokemon, you’ll never ever understand that deep connection that the fans have with it. It’s almost unreal. And why do you suppose it has survived this long? Because it’s amazing. xD I will continue to love Pokemon for forever and ever. Also, the age range of Pokemon fans spreads further than 8-13…think back to the very beginning and you’ll find the most loyal and largest fan base of Pokemon to be adults now.
    – 18 year old fan-girl, devoted Pokemon player and lover since the age of 5

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