I think the government shutdown has made people realize that we don’t actually need a government

During the past two weeks, news headlines have been dominated by Miley Cyrus, rampaging motorcyclists, baseball playoffs and the release of a new Eminem song. In other words, basically your usual bullshit. But over the course of that same time frame, people seem to have forgotten about another newsworthy event that is also happening.

We still have no government.

For 16 days, the majority of our federal government’s services have not been available. And basically, while it is in “shutdown” mode, it is pretty much incapable of doing anything. Therefore, we have no leadership.

People always wonder about how a civilization would behave with no leadership in place. In fact, thousands of books have been written on this topic. And it’s always assumed that with no leaders, or body of government, chaos would ensue. We all read Lord of the Flies in high school. A few dozen kids are stranded on an island, they think it’s awesome, but then they realize that there are no rules, no authority, and they start becoming violent.

Well, we’ve gone 16 days, and besides the aforementioned crazy motorists, the country has been… pretty much exactly the same.

Okay so, yes, we do still have laws and codes in effect that we must abide by, but, it doesn’t amuse anyone that we’ve managed to last more than two weeks with no government in place? I wonder if the Senate and the House truly thought that they would be missed. The old adage goes, “You don’t realize what you have unless it’s gone,” well, the government has been gone, and nobody gives a crap.

In fact, if anything, we’ve just come to hate our government more. Because the worst part of government is the partisan squabbling. But we can live with it when it does all these other good things to help us. But right now it’s not helping us in any way, and we have even more of the partisan squabbling.

When the shutdown began, I said all that would be accomplished is that people would think our government is really, really incompetent. Well, I gave our government too much credit, apparently. The public probably no longer thinks it’s incompetent — they think it’s useless.

Who knows, maybe if this lasted a few more weeks, or months, even, people would start to become a little testy. Maybe someone would finally snap and heave a giant boulder through a store glass window, evoking a giant riot and a state of anarchy as we know it. But we’ll likely never find out, because, by all accounts, the shutdown is nearing its 25th hour and could be over as soon as tonight. It may even be back by the time you read this.

But, you know what? Take a few more days off, guys. Barrack, Hillary, Speaker of the House Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell, stay home a little longer. Load up some Netflix and watch the entire of series of Breaking Bad. And the Walking Dead.

That’s what has happened. The government’s absence hasn’t made people angry, or upset, or patriotic… it’s made us indifferent.

Although, there’s every chance that 75 percent of the country wasn’t even aware that the government was shut down to begin with.

Oh well. I’m done. Time to go lie down and do nothing for the rest of the night.

Just like our government!

Ba-dum-ch… eh, you get it.

One thought on “I think the government shutdown has made people realize that we don’t actually need a government

  1. My sentiments exactly. This was fantastic.

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