Why do people say “Later” to their hometown during pre-vacation Facebook statuses?

Embarking on a vacation is an exciting time in people’s lives.

It represents an opportunity to get out of your usual surroundings, and go to a new, exotic place that you’ve never been before. It’s a cleansing experience, of sorts, being able to shove aside the trials and tribulations of our stressful day-to-day lives, and head somewhere where we don’t have to think about anything important.

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then. And to each their own. Some prefer a week on a beach in Aruba. Others might want to backpack across the Himalayas. Many choose to sight-see throughout Europe. It doesn’t matter what you do — the whole point is getting away.

As we grow older, we learn to appreciate these weeklong getaways more and more. When we accompanied our parents to Florida at the age of 8, we didn’t appreciate it as much, because we weren’t really taking a break from anything. It was likely during your summer vacation, so it’s not like your life would have been too busy had you not gone away.

Even going on college spring break is just a jump from partying in your university to partying on a beach. Sure, it’s the last hurrah before entering the “real world,” but until you have a full-time job, you can’t fully appreciate that time away.

So that’s why, when we are working, that time away is absolutely precious. Just having a three-day weekend is a huge luxury. But getting away for an entire week and not having to answer to our bosses and clients for that same period, it’s quite pleasurable.

Bearing all of that in mind, it’s only natural for people to be excited and jubilant in the days leading up to vacation. Because the build-up to it is just as exciting as the vacation itself. The process of packing, planning and scheduling for a lengthy trip brings about a sense of euphoria that we wouldn’t otherwise feel unless we’re popping ecstasy in a nightclub. Or so I’ve heard.

However — while I am all for people being excited — there’s certain types of behavior that simply cannot be tolerated, and of which I hope to bring to public attention right now.

It’s totally fine to alert the Facebook world that you are going away. First, people will brag about booking their vacations months beforehand, and then they’ll jump the gun a little bit and say something like, “Jamaica in T-minus 16 days!” Meanwhile, nine out of 10 people probably don’t know what the true meaning of “T-minus” is (it’s a NASA countdown term, with the ‘T’ standing for “test” or “time,” and I did NOT had to Wikipedia that).

I had to Wikipedia that.

But even those things I can live with. Again, people are excited, and I get that. But what I hate — hate — is when people feel compelled to bid adieu to the current location they’re in, and in a sarcastic manner to boot, as if they were in a scorned relationship with their hometown. You all know what I mean:

“Bahamas tomorrow, peace out America.”

“Boarding a plane to Vegas, later New York.”

It’s like people are actually trying to piss off a location by saying this. For whatever reason, they’re angry with New York, and they’re verbally giving it a nasty send-off.

People write passive-aggressive things on Facebook all of the time. They’ll say something like, “Happy New Year to all of my REAL friends,” meanwhile they’re obviously pinpointing one person who they hope will see it and instantly know they are referring to them.

In this case, they’re being passive aggressive to a place. Do they think New York — or St. Louis, Los Angeles, America, wherever —  will see that Facebook status and get pissed?

It serves no purpose. It’s pointless, and if anything, kind of immature. And bear in mind, the people who do this will be returning home in like six to eight days. So that place you were so unhappy with will again be your permanent residence in no time.

Why can’t people just go away on a vacation with elegance? Express your excitement in a mature, age-appropriate way, and then go on a vacation. Using your vacation as a means to show spite is juvenile.

In fact, the people who do this should take another vacation.

From Facebook.

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