It’s not that I’m indifferent towards Halloween this year. I just forgot.

Every year around mid-October, I take a moment to analyze exactly what my thoughts are leading up to Halloween.

I don’t ever want to lose my festive spirit, or my zest for celebrating holidays, regardless of how meaningful that day really is. Because if you’re indifferent towards a holiday that most other people are excited for, then it could be a concern that you are just slowly becoming a miserable person in general.

HalloweenThat’s why, every year, when I do think about Halloween — or Christmas, Independence Day, New Year’s, etc.  — I hope that it does stir some excitement within me. I hope that I do want to join in on the celebratory customs. The last thing I want is for me to think about Halloween, and say, “This holiday is really stupid. I’m not going to do anything.”

Well, this year, I didn’t really do anything. At least not yet. I haven’t created a costume. I haven’t made physical contact with a pumpkin, or any type of orange fruit for that matter. I haven’t watched a scary movie.

But it’s not because I am purposely avoiding it.

It’s because I just simply forgot. And you can’t consider yourself indifferent towards something if you haven’t really set aside the time to formulate an opinion about it, right?

Don’t ask me why I forgot. Perhaps it’s because Halloween was smack dab in the middle of the week this year, and therefore there was no one universal day for it to be celebrated over the weekend. Or maybe it’s because at my age — 26 — we have a lot of other things to worry about. Like our jobs. And finding more income. That kind of takes precedent over buying a Halloween costume.

At the very least, thinking about Halloween, and the dressing up, the trick-or-treating and all the other crap, doesn’t make me angry. I still think it’s kind of cool. It just didn’t occur to me to be a part of it.

Two years ago, I wrote a post analyzing the evolution we undergo throughout our lives as to how we treat Halloween. It still stands to reason. We go from toddlers dressing up, to adolescents causing mischief, to collegiates getting schnockered, to mid-20s and being in that in-between-what-do-I-do-now mode. Naturally, as we age, we’ll get married, do the corny husband and wife costume duo, and then go through the whole cycle again with our own kids. And that, my friends, is life.

But what you never want is to have that one year where you simply lose interest. And with a couple of days left until “Halloween Weekend #2,” I am going to salvage this holiday season. As I’ve said before, the best Halloween costumes are subtle, and require very little craftsmanship. Which means there’s still plenty of time to throw something together.

That’s right. This guy is going to get into the Halloween spirit! Starting… tomorrow. Or Friday.

So the fact that I’ve forgotten about participating in Halloween in any way, shape or form so far this year does not bother me. Because I’m not miserable (yet), or grouchy (again… yet) or resentful towards other people who do celebrate Halloween enthusiastically (Though I probably will be when I go on Facebook in five minutes.)

If anything, I should be worried that my forgetfulness may be an early indicator of something terrible, like early onset Alzheimers.

Happy Halloween!

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