Your best friends are the ones who will ‘like’ even your worst Facebook statuses

Sometimes, it feels like we’re on a lifelong quest to figure out who our best friends are.

It’s not the case for everybody. Some can pick their best friends without hesitation. But for others, it’s a little more difficult to decide — that out all of the friends you have — who is the best one.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes adversity to learn it. It is when we’re struggling in life, or going through hardship, or loss, when our true friends are the ones who step forward and make it better.

It’s obviously a bittersweet way to learn who your best friends are. So, why can’t there be another way to figure it out? One that doesn’t involve tragedy, hopelessness, or any type of struggling?

Well, I think I know. And I can’t take credit for figuring this out on my own. There are a couple of others who actually brought this to my attention.

But here it is: your best friends are the ones who ‘like’ your shittiest Facebook statuses.

That’s right. I’ve finally figured out what usefulness Facebook has in this world, and that is helping to identify your true friends. Because, let’s face it, when we post Facebook statuses, we can’t be on our ‘A’ game all of the time. In fact, many times, we’re not even on our ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ game.

We can all remember a time — probably even recently — when we’ve posted something on Facebook that we almost immediately regretted. A pointless thought. A link that nobody really cares about. A check-in at a completely insignificant location. You do it out of the spur of the moment, and after a few minutes, you realize — “Yeah, I never really should have posted that.”

But there’s no going back at that point. Once you’ve published it, it’s out there. It’s already been viewed, judged and tossed aside. Removing it won’t take that away. Perhaps you can prevent some late-night Facebook stragglers from seeing it, but, sometimes you just have to accept the shame and embarrassment that comes with a Facebook status that receives zero traction from your Facebook friends.

However, it is during these moments of darkness and public humiliation when your closest friends will come to your rescue. During these times, that little red notification will seem like a Godsend. In the ultimate act of kindness, your closest friends — who were as indifferent as anybody else regarding the initial intention of your status — will like it. And with that, you are no longer known as the guy who posted a status that went ignored. In fact, maybe that one like will motivate others to do the same, and before you know it, what was potentially a disaster just became a perfectly normal Facebook status.

Sensing that your status is a mere minutes away from forever fading into oblivion without a like to its name, your friend will risk it all, namely his or her social media reputation and credibility, and attach their name to the status in a form of a like. That … is true friendship.

Forget picking me up at 4 a.m. when my car is stuck in a ditch on the side of the road.

Nevermind visiting me in the hospital.

If you ‘like’ my appalling, regrettable Facebook status that was destined to be completely ignored, then you are my best friend in the whole wide world.

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