This “What Would I Say” site might be the first Internet trend that was never funny for even a second

Because of how fast word spreads nowadays through social media, trends become old very fast.

In the past, when something became popular, it would usually spread around for a while, ultimately hits its peak a few weeks later, and then die out. Those days are gone. Now, websites, apps, games, YouTube videos, terminologies are going “viral” within minutes. Their peak popularity lasts an hour. After another hour, people are sick of it.

However, the only benefit of this whole process is that whatever it is that went through this cycle was at least cool and entertaining for a temporary moment in time. The Harlem Shake was beloved for a week or two before everyone hated it. Saying YOLO was fun … one time.

So when something does become old, annoying and overdone, at least we can say it was worth it to at least have gotten that brief moment of enjoyment out of it, even if it wasn’t long.

Well, apparently that’s not always the case.

A website that has floated around the Internet a little bit lately, called What Would I Say, is an algorithm that takes every single word you’ve ever posted on Facebook, and uses it to form a sentence. Since it’s all words that you once said, it’s trying to sell it off as if its your own thoughts. Which is obviously a stretch.

The result? Unintelligible, incoherent gibberish.

For example, here is a couple of my results:

Someday in our old high quality players, a promising young center, a barrage of draft picks, while the wrong NEW York, I am pure method.

Hockey and starvation exist in this.

This is a centaur and a unicorn. Derek Jeter in Scrabble even thrilled that. 

Gotten the point yet? Oh wait, you haven’t? Well, that’s because of the simple reason that … there is no point. This is the first time I can remember hearing about a popular website, and then checking it out, only to discover that it offers absolutely nothing to enhance in my life in any way, shape or form.

In essence, it’s a word generator. In our multiple years of Facebooking, we’ve pretty much typed every word there is. So that’s the pool that it is generating from. How are people entertained by this?

If, somehow, the algorithm worked in a way that it actually formed a complete sentence, then it would be funny. The result would at least be a complete thought — albeit a ludicrous thought, but still a thought, nonetheless. Instead, we have nonsense.

I’m often let down by the Internet. But never as badly as this.

Also, like any other app, this website requires you to connect via Facebook in order to use it. By doing so, they gain access to your information, your friends’ information, etc. So, basically, this is just a glorified scam.

I understand how a 5- or 6-year old might be entertained by this. But not a 20-year-old. In fact, this is the first time that a popular Internet item has actually made me genuinely concerned for the general intelligence of our population. And that’s saying a lot.

I don’t know why they even call it “What Would I Say,” because there’s no context in the world in which I would ever utter these sentences that they sprout out.

Unless — and maybe this was the creators’ intention — they changed the title to “What Would I say … During a Stroke.”

Then it would make prefect sense. And it would actually be kind of brilliant.

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