So people are using Throwback Thursday to gloat about their past now?

Just when I thought people couldn’t possibly find anymore things to brag about on Facebook, in steps Throwback Thursday.

Now before I continue, I must be careful where I go with this. Because Throwback Thursday is no longer a trend, or a meme. It’s not a cute little thing that people decided to do for brief period. It’s a become subculture. A way of life.

People’s day-to-day lives have literally become so mundane that they not only anticipate Throwback Thursday, but have photos lined up for weeks in advance.

My favorite is when somebody tries to act above it, and posts their retro photo with a caption, “I don’t normally do #tbt, but…”, or when they post that this is their “first #tbt ever” for the fourth straight week.

But the bottom line is that people love it. When I scroll through Facebook and Instagram on Thursdays, I feel like I’ve transported to the mid-90s, since there is not one single present day photo there. It’s gotten to the point where old photos are so commonplace on Thursdays, that they don’t even need to be tagged anymore. In fact, people should start tagging their current photos that they post on Thursdays — since they are the minority —  with a #pdp. Present Day Photo.

But the problem, which I think people are now discovering, is that there’s only so many old photos.

Initially, it wasn’t very difficult. You could just scroll through your Facebook timeline back to your college days a few years ago, and pick any old photo. This lasted a while, in fact. We all have a plethora of old photos, unless you’re one of those people who fear for their public image and deleted them all years ago. And don’t you regret losing all that #tbt material now, suckers?!

However, even those photos run dry. You can’t keep posting the same drunk photos from college. So now, people are actually taking smartphone photos of old photographs, and posting them. That’s right — people are actually undergoing multiple steps to conform to #tbt.

And that just opens Pandora’s Box. You have elementary school photos, family vacation photos, baby photos — people are pulling out all the stops just to scrounge out a few extra likes.

But as is the case with all social media platforms, Throwback Thursday has evolved towards one fundamental goal: proving to your Facebook friends that your life is better than theirs.

Normally, this is done by bragging about your job, workout regimen, social life, or checking in from some fancy restaurant or vacation spot. A picture is sometimes included. Now, with Throwback Thursday, people are actually bragging about their past.

“Hey, look at this awesome place I went to on Spring Break during my senior year of college!”

“Yo, look at how skinny I once was!”

“Guys, look at this talent I actually used to have when I was 12!”

And don’t even get me started with baby or early childhood photos. That’s just desperation.

So now we are not only trying to one-up each other regarding the current statuses of our lives, but also about the things we used to do. Is anyone really surprised though? I swear, there’s nothing in this world that humans will not try to make a competition out of.

Again, I’m trying hard not to impose too much judgment, but rather, simply analyze what I believe Throwback Thursday has become. It is what it is, and seemingly, it’s here to stay.

And feel free to check out my archive of past blogs to the right of this text! Throwback blogs, or #tbb, to keep you entertained for weeks.

Or make you realize how much of your life you’ve wasted spending a few minutes per day with me.

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