This Bob Dylan interactive video proves that cool things can still happen on the Internet

Has anyone ever taken a step back, and said, when’s the last time I found myself enjoying something that I discovered on the Internet?

Maybe it’s just me being a gloomy, pessimistic sourpuss, but I feel like everything I see on social media makes me shake my head. For instance, the last couple of days, people are bombarding my Newsfeed with a list of 10 things that they claim people do not know about them. I do not understand why people are doing this.

The Internet is an amazing resource. Think of it as an online, interactive workshop. Instead of building something with wood and tools, we now have the ability to create amazing websites, games, apps and videos. Regardless, people choose to make hash tags. And twerk videos. And selfies.

With the amount of people who use the Internet now — which is pretty everyone in the world who doesn’t live in Ethiopia or Zimbabwe — cool things should be invented by the minute. There’s no excuse otherwise. Furthermore, I thought the entire purpose of the world was to invent things so that it could to lead to other inventions. For example, the telegraph turned into the telephone, which led to cordless and cellular phones. A phonograph led to record and CD players, paving the way for portable media players.

But I feel like once the computer was created, inventors were like, “Aight, we’re done now!”

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I saw something on my computer screen that actually made me say, “Wow, that’s cool.” It seems like nobody is even trying anymore.

Luckily, as of yesterday, my faith has been restored. If you haven’t seen this “Like a Rolling Stone” interactive music video yet, then you need to watch it right now. Because it’s one of the coolest thing you’ll have experienced since the very first time you used AOL Instant Messenger.

In summation, it’s a mini television screen that allows the user to flip through the channels. Each station has a show that one would normally see on television right now — The Price is Right, a variation of The Real Housewives, a tennis match, a History Channel documentary, a cooking and shopping channel.

But in each “show,” the person on-screen is lip-synching the words to Bob Dylan’s most famous tune while it plays in the background. Regardless of what part of the song is playing on whichever channel, it will be sung. And it is amazing.

The video was produced by Dylan’s record label, Columbia, presumably with the influence of Dylan himself. It clearly wasn’t made without his knowledge, as it’s the main attraction on his own official website.

Watching it for the entire six-minute length of the song almost, almost, makes up for all of the other crappy things that exist on the Internet. And it only stands to reason that something this cool, and innovative, was crafted not by a renowned inventor or a mega electronic company, but by Bob Dylan, who is as progressive a singer-song writer as our world has ever known.

Bravo, Bob, for making the Internet cool again.

At least for one day.

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