Alright, we might be going overboard with the love for the new pope

In this world, it’s extremely hard to be universally liked. Where opinions are spread like wildfire, and mostly everybody has freedom to say what they want, we live in an age where it’s difficult for somebody to be looked upon in unanimous favor by the general public.

And that’s hard enough for anyone, let alone a religious figure. And yet, Pope Francis has done exactly that. Heck, I even jumped Pope Francis Timeonto the bandwagon pretty quickly.

And last week, Pope Francis added another notch to his bedpost, when he was named Time Magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year.

The magazine cited its reasons for the decision, which are aplenty, but namely him being the first pope from Latin America, a champion for the poor, charismatic, and spearheading a rejuvenation of the Catholic church while bringing it back to its roots. On top of that, he has voiced his openness and empathy to woman who have abortions, and when asked his opinion on gay people, he famously replied, “Who am I to judge?”

Essentially, Pope Francis has been acclaimed for simply being a regular dude, which apparently is what the church needed at this time.

It’s hard to argue with the choice. It’s only been nine months since he took the reins as pope, and yet, he’s already beloved.

But I think we’ve reached a point where we all need to take a step back and lighten up with the praise. I know that, as pope, Francis is supposed to be immune to egotism and all that, but nobody in this world deserves to be worshipped this much.

And I know that is the purpose of a pope — to be worshipped. But it’s supposed to be by his followers. Not by the Jews. Not by gays. Not by Time Magazine.

I’m not saying that we should all just suddenly turn on the pope like Toronto has turned on Rob Ford. But maybe what we should do is, something like … give him the silent treatment for a week. Next time the the Pope returns to the Vatican from his most recent excursion, instead of thousands of supporters waiting to greet him at St. Peter’s Square, how about nobody goes.

Instead of the raucous cheers and applause he’s accustomed to, let him leave the Popemobile to the sound of crickets. Let’s see Pope Francis be so loving then.

For those wondering, the reported runner-up for Time’s highest distinction was Edward Snowden, the former National Security Administration contractor-turned American fugitive who leaked secret documents about questionable U.S. surveillance practices to the press. Also, Miley Cyrus was apparently a top contender.

Again, I think Pope Francis deserves the accolades he’s received, and that’s he’s become a refreshing symbol in a position that had become outmoded by his predecessors. But I fully and wholeheartedly believe that there is such a thing as too much acclaim for one man.

Share the wealth, people.

Praise some one else a little bit. Some one who, I don’t know … likes to share his opinion. Who writes a WordPress blog that starts with W and ends with G.

Who desperately desires attention and has an insatiable need to be loved by anybody and everybody.

I could be describing anyone.

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