If temperatures can drop 40+ degrees in one day, then I’m convinced that magic and elves are real too

We all expect cold weather throughout December, January and February. That’s stating the obvious. And yet, that’s what makes it so frustrating when you here all these nitwits on social media complaining about the cold. In the winter.

But lately, I think we’ve been given a right to complain. I’m OK with the cold. The weather is out of our control, and if you live in the northeast, you’re accustomed to both ends of the spectrum — frigid winters and boiling summers.

But the one thing I ask for is consistency. If the temperature is going to drop to single digits, then let it be gradual. I’m fine if it’s 40 degrees one week, 30 the next, 20 the following, and so forth.

What I’m not OK with… is this.


Until today, I didn’t even know that was possible. That’s the local forecast for the region I live in, but similar drops are expected to occur nationwide. In Cleveland, it was 30 degrees on Sunday. By tomorrow, it could reach 17 degrees below zero.

In New York City, the high in Central Park on Monday morning was 55 degrees. By Tuesday morning, it will be 6 degrees.

According to CNN, 140 million people in the U.S. (a little less than half the population) will experience temperatures of 0 degrees or lower on Wednesday.

Apparently, the cause of this is a polar vortex that will result in an arctic blast — which, to me, sounds more like a Gatorade flavor — to descend upon the country, causing record temperature drops everywhere. So while today felt like a nice, warm respite from recent temperatures, it will only be short-lived. Short-lived, as in, only a few hours long.

The world is a mysterious place capable of many things. We’re supposed to believe in realistic boundaries however, as in there is no such thing as magic, time travel, unicorns, or wardrobe closets that could transport us to magical kingdoms. And I never did believe in those things. At least not in adulthood.

But if absurd temperature drops of 40 to 50+ degrees can occur in less than 24 hours, then my I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to believe in other phenomena.

If you told me a week ago that this was going to happen, I would have responded as incredulously as if you told me that flying pigs were real. But now, I don’t know anymore.

What I do know is that it is going to be freaking cold tomorrow. So for us rational folk, let’s just pretend that today never happened. It was in the mid-teens and low-20s this weekend, and then it’ll jump back to the low teens tomorrow. Today’s 45-degree weather didn’t exist. Sound good? That way, I can continue to believe in the normalcy of the universe, and that elves only exist in Lord of the Rings. And my closet.

Or, instead of being cold and miserable, I can choose to view this as a way to regain my wonder and belief in the mystic powers of our planet.

I really wish I lived in Florida.

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