Are people really naming their workout days now?

When I first heard the term “Leg Day,” I thought it was a reference to some type of calendar event — like Leap Year or daylight savings time — that involved the adjustment of time. As in, “turn back your clocks, and get a leg up on the day!”

It wasn’t until the further descriptions of exercises and weightlifting that I realized it was actually a reference to a specific workout regimen.

I figured it was just a couple people giving a cute, personalized name to their workout. But like all things, once you hear Leg Daysomething once, you can’t unhear it. Soon, enough, I realized Leg Day is actually a thing.

And it only got worse.

Arm Day. Shoulders. Back. Cardio. Forearms. They’re all days.

Whatever happened to just going to the gym and just doing whatever the hell you feel like? I understand the logistics of devoting a day to one particular part of your body, mostly to avoid overworking muscles and allowing for full maximization of gym time in a given week. But, personally, I don’t think I’ll ever gain the motivation to learn enough different exercises that I could on focus on one body part for an entire day.

For me, it’s just “Gym Day.” And when I’m there, I’ll do a little legs, biceps, abs, back, and whatever the hell the the latissimus dorsi is in a span of 45 minutes. Heck, I wouldn’t even know what body part I am working out most of the time if the machine didn’t say it.

And people describe these days as if it’s a major holiday. “Yeah man, it’s Leg Day today. Big day. I’m pumped.”

I don’t usually know how to respond. Am I supposed to offer my congratulations? Do I stare at their legs and give a compliment?

I’m in the camp where I feel there’s no need to talk about your training routine unless you’re asked. In fact, I think it’s even borderline inappropriate. If you’re rich, you wouldn’t start talking about all the things you buy in front of other people, who likely aren’t rich. It just makes them feel like crap.

Speaking in depth about your exercise habits is similar. The average person doesn’t frequent the gym too often, and the last thing they need to hear about is how you’re customizing the days of the week to your specific workouts.

Also, we have preset days for a reason. Our forefathers already did us a solid by creating a fixed calendar, complete with weeks, months, and even being kind enough to designate holidays for us. We’re set in that regard. And nowhere in the Mayan scripture does it say “Leg Day.”

It’s also self-centered. Your Leg Day has zero meaning to others. At least with, say, “Pay Day,” it usually applies to many other people. Most companies pay their employees according to a similar schedule. And at the bare minimum, you at least share it with your co-workers.

Let’s just go to the gym, get our work in, keep the chit-chat to a minimum, and go home. Going to the gym is not a special occasion, so let’s act accordingly.

Thanks for listening. That concludes Blog Day. Until next time!

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