A friendly reminder that cold weather is not the worst kind of weather

The weather has been a pretty hot topic of conversation lately.

But while most of America have been dealing with frigid temperatures, thanks largely to an arctic blast that spiraled downward upon us last week, we forget that the rest of the world isn’t exactly living in a tropical paradise.

SinabungIt’s easy to become consumed within the vacuum that is our own lives, and not think about how the forces of nature affect other people across the globe.

So while we’ve been dealing with such inconveniences like having to wear extra layers, having to sit in our car for an extra minute waiting for it to heat up, and needing to walk carefully on sidewalks to avoid tripping on ice, let’s take a look at what inconveniences other people have been stricken with.

Molten ash. Lava. Wildfire.

For the past 12 days, Mount Sinabung — not be confused with Cinnabon™ — has been erupting in Indonesia. 30 times, in fact. The volcano is emitting a 4,000-meter high column of ash over a several mile radius, forcing more than 22,000 people to evacuate.

Just look at this picture, which I stole from Bloomberg News. It looks like the Eye of Sauron.

The volcano had actually been dormant for 400 years before erupting in 2010, Sept. and Nov. 2013, and now. Unlike a comet or an eclipse, this is not something that we should consider ourselves fortunate enough to see in our lifetimes.

So … perhaps it makes having to deal with a little bit of a cold a little more tolerable, right?

No? You’re still pissed? Well, then how about we take a look at what California is dealing with right now. Like, right this second.

A brush fire that started this morning is rapidly burning nearly 2,000 acres of Los Angeles, causing people in 880 homes to Wildfireevacuate. As of Thursday morning, the fire was at “0 percent containment,” which means, there’s absolutely nothing that any firefighting apparatus can do to stop it — and that includes 700 firefighters, 92 engines, eight helicopters, eight air tankers and two firefighting air crafts. It sounds like a fucked up 12 Days of Christmas.

And it all started because of three dudes, all under the age of 25, who were just trying to light a campfire.

Can you imagine that? You’re hanging out with your buddies, telling fictitious tales about a girl you claimed to have hooked up with once, roasting marshmallows and downing a couple of beers, when suddenly the fire becomes larger than you meant for it to be. One hour later, you’re sitting in the back a police car, watching flames destroy an entire city.

Foul weather is not limited to one region. Of course, this particular wildfire was caused by humans, but it still exemplifies the powerful and destructive capabilities of Mother Nature.

So when it returns to low 20-degree temperatures next week, can we not complain? In Indonesia and Los Angeles, tens of thousands of people are unable to sleep in their own beds tonight.

Which is an injustice. We all want to sleep in our own beds as often as possible. If we don’t, it better be because we’re spending it with a chick who is way, way out of our league. Because then it’s OK. But it’s not OK if we’re sacrificing a good night’s sleep because of a freaking volcano or a wildfire. It’s just not right.

Fortunately, I will be sleeping alone tonight, all by myself, in my cozy bed.

I just realized how sad that sounds.

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