What happened in Atlanta today could be a low point in American history

How bad has this winter been?

Well, it’s so frosty that even places that rarely get snow are getting hit, and — at least today in Atlanta — they are acting like it. Atlanta has gotten snow a few days in a row now, and, when they were forecast to get a couple of inches today, city officials shrugged it off and decided to do absolutely nothing about it.

The result was this.

Atlanta snow
And you thought your commute home from work today sucked, didn’t you?

Reports have been filtering in all day about how people have gotten stuck in this traffic jam, some of whom have been in their car for up to 20 straight hours. That’s right. 20. And that’s just to travel a few dozen miles.

The cause of this, aside from the inexperience of Atlanta drivers in such conditions, is mainly because city officials thought they could keep everything up and running without a hitch. They kept government buildings and schools open, implemented no restrictions or stagger times for traveling, and they paid for it. Kids, also, have been stuck in schools for hours, unable to get home.

All this because of a couple of inches of snow.

But to be fair, it’s not here in New York, where even the slightest hint of snow will force trucks to devour streets with rock salt, usually making all major roads passable within hours. Atlanta, which sees such little snow to begin with, doesn’t budget the proper resources like northern states do.

Bleacher Report detailed the travails of Ohio State football coach Tom Herman, who drove 50 miles over 19 hours in rental car on Atlanta traffica recruiting trip from Marietta to Atlanta. The coach ultimately ended up having to ditch the car and walk four miles to the airport to catch his flight.

Atlanta Braves first basemen Freddie Freeman, meanwhile, had to be saved by former teammate Chipper Jones, who picked him up in a camouflaged ATV, which is actually kind of cool.

Again, this isn’t because of a hurricane, or a tropical storm, or even a major snowstorm, but because of a couple of inches of snowflakes. When we foresee inclement weather having a major effect on people’s lives, causing traffic jams and auto accidents, we think of some Day After Tomorrow-like weather, but this wasn’t even enough snow to warrant people wearing boots outside.

I don’t mean to mock the great people of Atlanta, but, come on. You made the rest of our country look extremely soft.

One day, we may actually have a snowpocalypse, and when it does, we need our southern brethren to be with it. We can’t just write off an entire half of our nation.

The north and south may not see eye to eye on many things — Abraham Lincoln, slavery, the death penalty, to name a few — but I think we can agree that we’ll all be happy once it’s springtime again.

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