So quizzes are telling us where we should live now?

In case anybody ever wondered where they truly belonged, there are now quizzes popping up all over the Internet, where if you answer half of a dozen basic questions, it will tell you the place in which you should be living.

Forget taxes, affordability, safety, school districts, commerce, public transportation, etc. None of those matter. What does matter is what you like to do on weekends, what your favorite type of food is, and whether you’d prefer to spend a day at the mall or the beach.

Those are the only things that are important. Once you answer those, you’re set.

There’s so many people out there — bachelors, senior citizens, families — who spend days and months worrying about where they could live, going in and out of real estate agencies and penny pinching just to be able to save up money to afford a place, when all of their stresses could have been alleviated instantly had City quizthey taken a Buzzfeed quiz instead.

If you haven’t realized, I am being a little facetious here.

Any one with a Facebook has probably noticed people posting quiz results that generate an answer based on a short survey as to where they should be living in a given area. For example, this quiz tells you what New York City neighborhood you “should actually live in.”

Another one tells you which United States city you should be living in, while a third quiz will promptly inform you — albeit a little more creatively– which dream home is for you.

Do people really have that big of an appetite for wanderlust that they get enjoyment out of taking these quizzes? I understand why they exist, I mean, Buzzfeed alone has about 1,000 other quizzes that are dumber than these ones. But it surprises me how many people are not only taking them, but excitedly posting them on Facebook, and actually taking them seriously as some type of sign that they should be living elsewhere.

“Oh my God, it said I should be living in Portland! I ALWAYS wanted to live there! #movingtomorrow #peaceout”

Heck, there’s even a quiz catered to Long Island, where I live.

Are people that nearsighted to not realize that if they were to take the quiz and get a result, and then go back, change just one single answer, that they’d probably end up getting an entirely different result in a city that could very well be in the complete other side of the country?

I have no knowledge or education of real estate, and yet, I could open an agency tomorrow and be able to give people better travel advice than these quizzes. And I’m generally concerned that there will be people out there who see this, and won’t necessarily take them 100 percent seriously, but will actually think that determining their future place to live is equally as simple.

I don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble here, but … there should probably be some stress and some sacrifices that come into play when you decide your next settlement, and not just a couple clicks on a mouse.

Or you could just live in your parents’ home for your entire life. I won’t judge.

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